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Postby Psychadelica » October 17th, 2007, 1:36 am

Bieng unable to locate the lady with his shirt, he decided to search a for a closet that may of had a clean shirt in it.

Having never been inside this place before, it wasnt long before Sotick realized that he was lost. Then he stumbled into an empty room, a completely empty room, bare walls, floors and no windows.

He then noticed a door to the back of the room.

"HHmmm... Could be a closet, wonder if its empty too?", Sotick muttered to himself as he opened the door.

Drunkingly Slipping on an unnoticed pool of blood on the floor, he hit his head on the doorframe, and lay unconcoius half inside of the empty room.
He hadnt discovered what was behind the door as he remained momentarily undisturbed in a pool of blood, face down to the floor in the doorway.
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Postby VynFyre » October 18th, 2007, 8:05 pm

Luke walked out into the open air, waiting to go back in until the body was cleaned up. He saw that the moon was now full, and clouds loomed around it eerily. He walked out of the guards' view and deeper into the darkness. Thinking back to the women of the party he decided to come up with a story to make them fall madly in love with him. The clouds covered the moon and everything went black, he thought he saw a figure in the corner of his eye but he wasn't sure. He then realized that his current position was probably the worst and that the killer might be in the immediate area. Rain drops began to fall, he started towards the door but tripped over a lump on the ground. He turned and realized that what he had fallen over was a girl, a dead girl. He wiped the rain from his eyes and when he looked to examine the girl the figure had reverted to a log. He was hallucinating and he did not have any alcohol. His eyes wandered over to the castle, but the rain had grown thick and the clouds had covered his only source of light. He stumbled into the direction he thought was the castle, But instead fell on a downward slant into a bog. He had trouble swimming, since he had never learned and the swamp was deep. He drifted into the water, and couldnt stay up... he couldnt help thinking that this was how he would die....
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Postby Mydraas » October 19th, 2007, 9:47 am

*Mydraas closes her eyes as the lights go out helping her eyes get used to the lack of light much faster than everyone elses. She opens her eyes and before the lights even come on sees the body hanging from the chandelier. As the lights come on and she hears the screams of the people below her she winces. As a courtesan she was used to odd ideas but killing was one she didn't quite understand. She looks over at Lord Marcus and blinks blankly*

Perhaps we should stay together. I think that with a killer about staying with a group will make us a less likely target.

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Postby dedman » October 21st, 2007, 3:46 pm

*The trip upstairs was more of a poorly aimed bullrush through a flood of guests attempting to find somewhere away from the body, and a tipsy captain in tow made things almost futile, almost. However, the view of the body from the second floor was indeed worth the trip. Individual wounds that seemed to bleed together from the dance floor now called for attention on a case by case basis. Dedman took the time to admire the work, slightly aware of the twitch in his eye and his free hand now holding one of his "self-defense" knives. The knife returned to it's place of peace as the thin figure turned to his mostly sobered, self-appointed charge.*

"I've seen better work, but not in a crowd this large, it makes me wonder what other tricks are in store tonight. I can hardly wait."

*Waiting patiently, dedman took note of the remaining guests and potential victims, along with their activities, to attempt to decipher the next target.*
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Postby The Killer » October 21st, 2007, 5:58 pm

The heavy downpour of rain drenched his coat and melted the paint off his mask leaving it plain white. He noticed that many were observing the scene he had left behind, he also noticed that some guests were not where they should be, he would make them pay for not admiring his work. The Murderer left the ball room and went to seek out the guests that were out of place. However his leg had been cut when he was outside, and it would leave behind an unnecessary trail, he went over to the bar and ordered an alcoholic beverage, the bartender looked skeptically at him and he simply said "give me the damn drink, do i look like a little boy to you?" He relaxed on the stool and waited for his leg to stop bleeding while using a cloth to sop up the blood.
The Killer

Postby zipcat » November 4th, 2007, 5:17 pm

Bah. The person she asked didn't even notice her, but she knew he really did. All well. She dusted her cracking nails on the fancy costume as she turned in disgust.

Her baby was here, she knew it.

It was silly of her to look down here, around all the feet. Her Cat wouldn't be here; it was too crowded, and no one likes to be stepped on. Even she didn't like it when one of the panicked people leaving the party squished her toes.

Glancing around she looked over the food and the bar, hoping her Cat would spot her and come prancing to her. Cat always went towards tasty treats and knew how to get it.

But she didn't see him there, not even under the table cloths. Darn. Going with her old thoughts to get away from feet now, she headed back up stairs, spotting the maid cleaning up blood. Going next to her and poking the woman's shoulder, "Have you seen my Cat?"

Again her voice was played to a purr, but it's kind sound was canceled when she straightened and made another squeaky call with her lips. She knew her Cat heard her, even if he didn't.
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Postby Courtesan Lemac » November 4th, 2007, 6:47 pm

:Askua jumped in fear at the sudden touch on her shoulder. She spun about, holding on to the mop handle like a weapon.:

"DON'T DO THAT!....? A cat, no I can't say that I seen any cat's recently. Have been to busy cleaning up the mess that is this house. Oh dear the mess... if you will excuse me I have a lot to do, my job is never done."

:With that Askua spun back about and continued to the room she was cleaning. As she walked she began to curse under her breath. Most of the cursing became very colorful descriptions of what she would do to clean up and take care of person that left such a mess for her to clean up.:
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