An interesting game ive found

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An interesting game ive found

Postby LightSol » August 13th, 2009, 7:07 pm

I have been looking for a game which can be played all the time , even when you have no time at all, and i have finaly found it! It is eRepublik, the game of political intrigue and economical machinations. The idea is that you can be a soldier, a manager, a party leader, or even a president if you work hard for it! The game is quite social based so you guys might like it.

The start of it is quite slow, as you can only do a few things, like train and work (thats like 5 clicks a day) This base continues throughout the whole game, but the thing that makes it nice, is that when you have a bit more time on your hands, you can start reading the huge amount of information that is flowing around the world and learn a bit, and start your own machinations :)

So basicaly the base of the game just needs a minute or two per day, while the fun begins when you get into it more. As you can start your own companies at which time you would have to manage it as workers are real players and you have to figure out adequate wages so you make profit.

Personaly i think its quite fun , theres a LOT of player interaction, and the economy of the whole world is player created.

If you want to check it out then you can go here
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