Super Demo World (And Odyssey)

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Super Demo World (And Odyssey)

Postby zipcat » May 25th, 2007, 6:16 pm

A friend helped me find the hacks and apply them to Super Mario World, which then added functions and changed the world.

A Video of the World

As you can see it's very different. There are new thingies too such as these grey ? blocks that put things straight into your storage box; even shell men!

Um. Odyssey has more functions because it is newer. There are blocks that only monsters can go threw and stuff. There's a lot more, I just haven't gotten that far yet.

An Odyssey level.

They're a challenge and just awesome if you loved Super Mario World.

To apply the cracks you'll need a few Lunar programs and the original SMW rom, and to play them you might want ZSNES.
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