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PostPosted: May 13th, 2008, 11:06 pm
by jadewik
:Lemac sat in the library of her estate scaning over reports from her 'eyes' scatered about. It had been a few days between reading them, and there was a good number of them. She looked up from that was sent from the islands of Azteca and reached for her cup of coffee. With out checking the contents of cup she placed it to her lips tried to take a sip, nothing. She set the cup down and called for a servent to refill the cup. Seemingly out of the shadows a young lady came and took the cup from the desk and sliped out of the room.:

:Lemac returned to her reports and let out a heavy sigh. As if she needed something to interrupt her reading a messenger burst into the room.:

"Lady Samporna, we have just recived report from the Titan Palace. There seems to something going on invlolving Ebon and Tordek, My Lady."

:Lemac stood up and crossed the room to the messenger and pulled the report from her hands. Lemac scaned the report and shook her head as she looked back to the messenger, her face very worried.:

"Go to the Northinghall dock and tell the captin of the Dawn's Passage to get ready to sail to Salamender. AND DON'T WASTE ANY TIME!"

:Lemac watched the messenger run out of the room. Still shakeing her head she stormed off to her room and packed for the two day trip to Salamender. When her bag was full she headed down to the entrance to the estates main house. Her carriage was waiting for her out side. The Coachman took her bags and loaded them into the carriage and gave Lemac a hand in. A few hours later the carriage pulled on to the dock next to the Dawn's Passage. The coachman help Lemac out of the carriage and carried her bags to the chamber on the Dawn's Passage. The Carriage and it's horse's where loaded in the Dawn's Passage, an hour later the ship set sail.:

:The servent retunred to the library, holding the now refilled coffee cup. She looked about and wondered where Lemac had run off to. She crossed to the desk and set the cup down on the desk. She turned and went back to kitchen to aid in cooking of dinner. She looked back only once into the library and smiled at the clouds rich red-orange glow in the evening light.:
"All of it can be yours. All of it. We've shown you our power. Just keep looking. We both know how to make fantasies real, except we have a little more power than the rest.

The future, the past, hell even the present - it's all fate. And fate is what we control. Imagine it. The power, the prestige? Throw it away. Go into a hermit's life. Take your books and her along with you.

...Yes, yes, keep that flame burning. Yes. We have that power. All can be done. A bargain is a bargain though. We match abilities. Yours for ours."

In dark and remote corner of the world that Tordek neither recognized nor cared to he felt the change. His heart and mind had torn colder. He felt his mind plotting and scheming, his wits and heart becoming colder.

In his hand he spun a dagger with deft agility.


The motions of his hands were nothing more than a flash. Their deal was sealed.

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by jadewik
At last she could resist no longer. The thrum of Tordek's heart beckoned her and she lusted for his blood. The desire was now too great for her to ignore as she rested her head against him, her arms caressing his skin lightly. He smelt divinely delicious.

Tordek's skin was slightly damp from the sticky sweat the humid room caused. Leaning down, Ebon-Ashe couldn't help but caress his soft neck with her nose-- daring once to delicately lick Tordek's jawline-- a mistake she knew once she'd done it for it awakened a stronger desire inside her to bite.

Resistance was not an option as Ebon-Ashe struggled only momentarily with this desire. Losing the battle to the lusty call of blood, Ebon's lips caressed Tordek's neck gently. Slowly they parted revealing small fangs where normal cuspids would be. Her tongue licked the flesh one last time as she closed her eyes ready to bite down...

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by jadewik
Tordek was now in some private room. He could not see the speakers. There seemed to be a dull light radiating down in a small scope only around him. It was dull when it hit the floor but to his eyes it was bright. He could recognize several being present however.

Around him mounted in the wall before him were marble basins. They were mounted in such a way that when filled with water, the water remained in the basin, defying gravity. With a gentle touch to each basin filled with water, ripples flowed and then images came. They acted as a scrying device, similar to a crystal ball.

On each screen was a different image. On the first he saw Ebon's personal bed chambers, the second Curulan's office, the third was a view of the great hall of the Palace. Another was The Dancing Dryad, and others were homes and other important places in Cartes or in surrounding towns.

"Imagine what you could do with this information alone. We have the tools. This is empire your empire. We will bury Curulan."

The words were filled with malice giving Tordek reason to smirk.

Within a blink Tordek's scenery changed. Now he could feel a bitter and brutal chill calling to his soul. His eyes were blinded by the madness of an absolute white plane. He was nestled away in snow capped mountains. His breath was freezing before him. Within a mere moment his body was undergoing involuntary chills. He hadn't even time to understand what had happened. Dropping to his knees, his body gave way and he fell to the ground, his body flopping in the snow.

...And then he woke.

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by jadewik
Ebon-Ashe's teeth sank into the soft flesh of Tordek's neck and blood poured out like a wellspring. The sweet metallic taste of blood filled her mouth and she lustilly devoured every drop that entered her mouth with a fierce bloodlust.

Blood was an acquired taste and Ebon-Ashe had developed a certain flaire for its taste through her experience as a mercenary. In the circles she'd run in, it was the ultimate insult to lick your opponent's blood off your fingers or blade in front of their fallen corpse. By ingesting the blood of an opponent, you would absorb power and life from them. Needless to say, she'd done this quite frequently and had since associated the taste with greater strength. However, Tordek was no opponent. And he was NOT dead.

Lavishly she drank not even stopping to come up for air. The steady beat of his heart still strongly urging her onward as she lapped up more blood. Instead of slowing, Tordek's pulse began to race. Ebon, startled, pulled away from Tordek. Her mouth was covered with blood, which had dribbled down her chin. As Tordek stirred, she quickly wiped her mouth on the white sleeve of her shirt-- a last ditch effort to hide what she'd done, not bothering to note that the evidence would be a stain on the sleeve and on Tordek's still bleeding neck.

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by jadewik
:Lemac woke to a knock at her door. She pulled a dressing robe about her naked body and crossed to the door. With sleep filled eyes she pulled the door open a crack.:

"What is it."

:The messenger looked to Lemac and smiled.:

"M'lady, we are an hour from the Salamander docks."

:Lemac nodded, and failed to hold back a yawn.:

"Thank you, tell my coachman to be ready to leave as soon as possaiable once the carriage and horse team is unloaded onto the dock. My bags will be waiting at the foot of my bed to taken to the carraige when we dock. See that they get there before we leave. You may go."

:Lemac closed the door and removed her robe, tossing it up lovingly onto the bed. She went to the only bag that was opened durring the voyage and set out clothes for the day. Cursing that there was not a bath on this ship. After a while Lemac was dressed, awake, and heading to deck of the ship. The messenger that before woke her sped off to retrive the courtesans bags and load them into the carraige. Lemac looked about the deck of the ship and smiled, the Dawn's Passage had one of the best sailing crews in the region, and also the only crew that was mostly female. Each one a seasoned deck hand, and hand picked by Lemac herself. Lemac walked to the bridge of the ship, and looked back towards home. It was two days away at the best speed of the Dawn's Passage, three to five for most other ships. She looked back towards the bow of the ship, the Salamander port in full view and 15 minutes away. Lemac wished that the ship could travel faster. Waiting to get where she wanted to go, and knowing that time was important was frustrating her. She simply leaned aginst bridge rail and waited.:

:Soon after docking and unloading the carriage was ready to go. The coachman helped Lemac into the carriage and then took the drivers seat and set out for Cartes, using what magic he had to shave days off the trip. About 12 hours after leaving the dock the carriage pulled in to Cartes. The coachman began to navagate the streets of the city to find his way to Lemac's destation, the Dancing Dryad. Lemac slept durring most of the trip. She was awake when they pulled into the city, she watched closely as the traveled the street. The city changes so often, and she needed to know everything she could about its current state. They soon found themselves out side the Dancing Dryad, a local and leading Gentleman's Club. The coachman pulled the carriage to hault and steped to the street open the door for Lemac to exit the carraige. Lemac steped out of the carriage, night was just begining to embrace the city, and the line at the Dryad was growing longer. She turned to the coachman.:

"See that my room is ready at the Red Garter, I will send for you when I ready to go."

:Lemac turned to face the club, as the coachman set off to tend to his orders. She gently walked to the door of the Dryad, the doorman stubled for words.:

"M'lay, Courtesan, er... M'Lady Courtesan Lemac Samporna, right this way."

:The doorman lead Lemac past the line and into the club. When Lemac entered she smiled at the sight before her. The entrance to the building opened into a large hall, where supporting the ceiling are actual oak trees installed like pillars spaced evenly down the corridor. The hall opened up into the center stage display where a pond and fountain make first catch Lemac's eye. There is large stage there, where already a woman was performing. The stage was in toe parts, in the pond, as well as a platform that rises out with the water in the fountain to give a truly magnificent performance. A large platform also extended out from the pond as catwalk, which drives directly down the center of the hall. On each side are seats for clients. Skirting the walls are couches and large chairs, as well as tables for drinks and behind them on both the right and left walls are platforms with trees mounted at even intervals. The trees create a canopy within the main hall, swings hanging down from them.:

:Lemac looked past the pond to where on either side is stair cases that leads to the second level which houses VIP guest boxes that give a secluded view of the shows as well as any other private entertainment that is requested. The level creates a full circle around the center stage below. Lemac looked about and then walked off up the left stair case. She walked along the row of seats untill the came to the 13th table from the stair case she just came up. She pulled up a seat and sat down. Soon after a waitress came to took her drink order and removed the reserved sign from the table. Lemac looked about and waited for her contact to arive.:

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by jadewik
*After awakening rudely by the night-time lumbering of a careless Hill Giant, Shane rose from the ground in the Hills parched to the bone and crazed with hunger. It was not before long untill the Hill Giant payed for his careless act with his blood.

The vampire gazed out over the silent hills and gathered her thoughts, if her sense of the passage of time had been correct she had rested for three years in the soil, and quietly she made her way to the Titan Fortress to see what changes had occured since her last visit.

The restless nature in the surrounding of the Tavern told her more than she would have wanted to find out. She had picked a terrible time to awaken and briefly considered returning to the hillside to resume her slumber as she noticed Ebon Ashe hurry from the stable to the Castle.

Ebon was well known to Shane, not in the least for her relation to Curulan whom Shane considered a friend... at least... when they had last met. As she witnessed Curulans even more hurried departure with a brief glance at the almost grim expression on the nobles face, the young vampire reaches the only logical conclusion. Curulan is worried about Ebon Ashe.

Shane follows the trail of scent left by Ebon as she made her way from the stables towards Curulans chambers. Her acute senses clearly hearing the rogues slow breathing, Shane doesn't even bother to check to see if the door is locked and evaporates into a cloud of mist and let herself pour under the door, reforming inside the room.

As she notices Ebons silent form lying on the bed a brief moment of hunger passes through the recently awakened kindreds soul, but remembering her intentions she fights it off and settles herself against the wall beside to the door.

Not breathing as not to disturb anything in the room she silently sits there watching over the sleeping form of the elf. Waiting for Curulan to return.... or Ebon Ashe to awaken.*

CuruEdit: Shane, I'll allow this since I know you are an honorable RPer, but Curu's room is actually warded pretty strongly against magic or magical effects like a vampire's abilities. In the next couple months, I should be getting up a good descriptionion of the Palace and stuff so that people know exactly what can or can't happen.

Edit: *Shane curtseys with grace at Curulans generosity.* "I'll try very hard not to abuse it..."
*As the night progressed and dawn approached the vampire grew more and more restless. The rogue on the bed had not made a single move since Shane had started to watch over her. The fire in the hearth had long died out and with the coming of day staying awake would prove to be quite an ordeal.

Suddenly she reached a decission and unlocked the door. Standing just outside of the room she quested her mind towards the forest and beckoned for someone to relief her watch. When she was satisfied her call would be answered she waited, anxiosly counting the seconds.

After a while a large, black panther entered the corridor and wandered over to the cainite. When it reached Shane the young woman knelt down and caressed the sides of the panthers head gently while sharing her desire with the creature. The images and scents of both Ebon Ashe and Curulan would be considered friendly and in need of protection, all others had better not have the intention of harming these two.

As the creature settled down inside the room, calmly watching the sleeping form of Ebon, Shane smiled while she locked the door again and left the room the way she had come.
The night was almost done and the hunger was getting harder and harder to control.... she would have to feed... and rest.

And with that the Huntress ran off in search of a prey.*

OoC: I have to leave the thread for the weekend so I left a hint about her involvement for those who know Shane. I am quite curious if there will have been any progress when I return sunday-night.

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by jadewik
:Lemac waited for a good while inside the Dancing Dryad for her contact to arrive. She was about to leave when she heard someone approch.:

"Courtesan Lemac, I have a message for you from a Heather Waite."

:The waitress set a roll of parchment on the table along side a fresh drink. Lemac looked to the drink and back to the waitress.:

"Coutresan, the drink is from that gentle man over there."

:The waitress pointed to table, seated at the table was pair of men who seemed unable to pull there eyes from Lemac. Lemac shook her head and looked back the waitress.:

"Tell the men that I thank them for the drink, and also inform them that if they send another drink this way I will send myself to them to kill them. I don't have time for such antics as a pair of lusting men."

:The waitress nodded and sliped off to give the men Lemac's message. Lemac looked to parchment and held the roll up to the light. Every thing was how it should be. She unrolled the parchment and began to read two messages. Written on the paper was letter telling Lemac how Heather's family was doing. But on the back and only noticale to someone with a very delicate touch was a second message in a brail like manner written in the battle launage of her guard. This was the true message. When Lemac finished both messages she held the letter over the candle at her table and set the burning letter on the plate before her. She finished the drink the men gave her and watched as the letter was reduced to ash. Moments later the ash of the letter scatered about the area that Lemac was sitting and She was leaving the Dancing Dryad. She walked the streets of Cartes towards the Red Garter Inn, a small private retreat an hours walk from the Dancing Dryad. She needed time to digest the letter contents, a lot was happening. Lemac looked to the night sky, it would be a good walk back to the Red Garter.:

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Consciousness flooded his Tordek's being with a vigour and vitality that could only have indicated that the poor being had been dead for eons. His sudden come back to reality, to life, was as if a starburst had exploded giving energy into his life. His pulse and blood throbbing so hard it felt as if was ready to burst from the meager vains holding it in, he was in his feet in a flash, less than even a reflex, it just happened.

Startled, shaken, and completely bewildered, he had no idea of where he was, who was staring at him, or why he felt suddenly so weak. His surroundings were poorly lit, he could not distinguish much. Cold, damn and lifeless, everything, save for this woman before him. She, who he could not recognize.

A sudden panic, a sense of terror washed over him. His cognitive capacities left him, his mind raced, but nothing came to him other than fear.

Caught between bolting and making a grab for a sword, he found himself in a sudden void, a inablility for judgement. His body stiffened and his sweat ran cold. Too struck from fear he couldn't make himself run, nor raise his blade. He felt himself pressed back against something cold, hard, and damp. His collar by now was soaked from his own sweat.

Clenching his hands into fists, he pressed himself against the corridor wall, shifting his eyes nervously as he soaked in Ebon's prescence, incapable of action or even thought.