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Re: A Party For Spring (The Rise of Curulan)

PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 2:02 pm
by Courtesan Lemac
Courtesan Lemac
Reply Lemac returns Home once more.…

Lemac and Dawn shimmered on to the battle field, the smell of blood heavy in the air. Dawn turned to Lemac, "Lemac my child I can not fight here on this battle field, it's not my place. But I can offer you my protection." Dawn spread her arms wide and then hugged Lemac tight. Slowly Dawns body began to glow and melted in to Lemac's.
Lemac felt a sudden rush of love and hope fill her veins, She noticed that her Sister was wounded to badly to continue fighting on the ground, but was watching from the battlements of the castle aiding the archers there. Lemac turn back to battle that had raged on for two days. the Rose about her wrist began to glow, her armor shimmered on to her body, and her sword in to her hand. She turned to watch as a mysterious dragon joined the fray on the side of the Titans.
Lemac charged out in to the battle and began fighting for her home, her friends, and all that she loved. She worked her way towards the Dark One, to confront him herself.

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Caliax released the ebony blade and watched it mutilate the demons that neared it. The blade danced around him as he drew upon the ancient magic of his home and held his hands out in front of him.
As he began to chant, fire formed in his palms and he released two potentially lethal hellfire balls flying into the center of the horde. When the fireballs hit, tornadoes of fire formed and began to burn the creatures alive. Demonic screams of pain and anger rang out as the evil creatures were set ablaze. Caliax held the fire elementals as long as he could. His snow white hair lengthened some six inches and his silver eyes became the color of crystal. His body was racked with pain from summoning of the ancient magic.
Caliax collapsed on the battlefield, but before he lost consciousness he prayed to his goddess that the people were safe.

Mistress Fianna
Reply Re: Lemac returns Home once more.…

As Mistress Fianna came out of the castle she saw her old friend Lemac fighting for her life. Well, I have nothing else to do for the time being...With a loud crack of her whip and a slight word to her slave she fights her way to Lemac to cover her back. Swinging my whip around my head and snapping noses off of faces. As she corners one fiend she orders him to bow down to your betters..and as he pulls his sword from his scabbard, she snaps her whip and gets the sword. With a battle scream that makes her blood run cold he grabs her up with one hand around her throat. She gasps in fury to gain air. Kicking a heel into his chest and yanking the stiletto heels from his chest he drops her. She springs up and over him, surprising him with a knife from her boot and as he spins around to find her, she surprises with a knife to the throat. He gets one last empty swing to the face and falls to ground.

Shane of Clan Titan
Reply Overview of the Battle.

*After two days of battle the front gate to the Titan Palace was breached by the overwhelming numbers of the Dark Ones Horde. Numerous Titans fought them in the outer halls and passages making the demons pay dearly for every inch they took.
Young and Old fought beside side by side, and even was there a valorous charge of faerie with lances mounted on cats, led by the infamous Paxil. Slowly the battle progressed towards the Inner Cloister of the Titan Palace.

Re: A Party For Spring (The Rise of Curulan)

PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 2:02 pm
by Courtesan Lemac
Reply Joining the battle

For so long the Faery Queen had stayed inside her realm, tending to the needs of her lands she had neglected for so long. Her long absences away in the outside world had encouraged wizards and other power-hungry mortals to encroach more and more into the fae lands. Much of her energies were spent strengthening the magic that shielded her borders and hunting down the more powerful wizards. Many had managed to kidnap some of the gentle faeries and others had corrupted the land with their foul dark magics.
Finally Carrianna managed to return balance to the fae lands and turn her attention back to her clan duties she had neglected for so long. So busy with those duties and still recovering from the massive amount of energy spent healing the land, she did not at first pay attention to the faintly uneasy stirrings in nature's magic. Than her pixies reported trees and plants were dying on the borders. Carrianna sent the satyr to chase away the wizards, she assumed were causing problems again, and the Unicorns to heal the land. But she was in for a very unsettling surprise!
The Satyr reported no one was to be found. The land was just… dying! The unicorns tried to heal it, but two sickened and died as soon as their horns touched the earth! Carrianna was heartbroken at the deaths and frighted to! Quickly she flew to the center of her palace, the place that was the focus all all magic in the fae lands. There she sat upon the soft grass and closed her eyes, gently tapping into the energy there She felt herself spread out in all directions as she flowed like water and felt the heartbeat of every animal, the sparks of power from all the faeries, the massive life force from all growing things... Than she gasped with pain and cried out in terror as she was suddenly caught in a foul corruption that threatened pull her into it's dark folds! Desperately she pulled back into herself and released her connection to the land
For a long time she huddled on the ground and shuddered, feeling trapped inside herself. In her fear she shut off her awareness of all that lived in her lands, afraid of the darkness that almost swallowed her. Finally her trembling stopped and she looked up to see the fay folk standing around silently watching... Shame filled her for they had all felt her withdraw, their queen to whom their life depended on. She could not fail them! She MUST find the cause of this sickness that corrupted her lands and stop it somehow! Stealing herself, she once again cast her power out towards the darkness, this time only following it's 'scent'. Upon finding it she saw it flowed from outside her borders and was beginning to encircle her lands. Her shields had almost stopped it but it was slowly working it's way through her defenses. Drawing more power from her palace, she began to traced it. Soon she discovered the darkness that passed into her lands was only one tentacle of many. Other tentacles spread in all directions and everywhere they touched demons ran rampart disguised as mortals.
Suddenly she noticed one tentacle of dark power flowed towards Titan Castle! Pulling back, she opened her eyes and hurried over to the pool in the clearing. There she spoke Titan and the castle grew into focus; a besieged castle! Demons were through the gate and fighting in the courtyard! Not long ago (in an immortals life) Titan has answered her call for help, chasing the dragons from her borders. Now she was powerful enough to do that on her own, but she never forgot Titan helped her before she joined them! Now she would finally be able to return the favor! Her shields would still protect her land for a long time, but she knew the source of this darkness must be stopped. Titan Castle, however, needed help now!
Carrianna called the centaurs, brownies, pixies, satyr and unicorns from the lands. She called the faeries, the phoenix and flying serpents from the air. The salamanders and giant turtles from the water. Just as Titan had done for her, she made her own army to help them. Titan was her home away from home and her friends were there! Once all was in order, she opened the gateway to Titan Castle. It was only a one way portal for security.
In the midst of battle, giant snapping turtles and flame-spiting man-sized salamanders suddenly streamed forth into the courtyard attacking demons immediately! The faeries, brownies and such could not cause much harm directly, however they used their magics and speed to distract, trip, poke, and push the demons until someone or something bigger killed them. Unicorns horns turned dark with demon blood and satyrs blades slippery with gore.
Carrianna closed the portal behind her and swept into the fray! She used her magic to call upon the plants, trees and all creatures that lived in the ground to fight the demons! Plants wrapped around demon legs dragging them to the ground as fire ants and ground bees swarmed over their bodies. So far all they did was slow them, it was all she COULD do! The Faery Queen's powers were more for growing and healing, not killing. But when plants and fire ants grew to giants… well who needed fighting skills?
Hovering invisibly above the battle, Carrianna concentrated on used the plants to pull down and strangle demons. Suddenly she cried out as claws raked along her back leaving burning trails of pain! She tumbled from the sky for a short moment, dazed from the impact, before managing to open her wings and halt her fall. Turning she only caught a glimpse of scaled wings and claws before she was hit again on the shoulder. This time she did fall and hit the ground hard! She lay there stunned as the winged demon landed on all for feet directly above her. Spines covered it's back and 4" long teeth filled it's maw. Hissing it snapped at her and she flung an arm up to protect her face only to scream in agony as the sharp teeth clamped down on her forearm. It shook it's head side to side, viciously shredding her arm and tossing her body about on the ground. Than it let go and spread it's wings wide as it let out a victorious howl as she lay there barely conscious. She had to do something quickly or it was going to kill her!
Taking advantage of the first chance she had gotten since it's furious attack, she summon her energy once again and caused a mighty gust of wind to pummel the demon! With it's wings outstretched, it tumbled backwards away from her, giving her a little more time. Before it got back up, she had changed! In place of the slim elvish looking woman was now a giant cobra! The wounds had translated into bloody gouges along it's skin, but did not slow it down! The 20 foot cobra reared high into the air and, quick as lightning, struck it's victim! The massive fangs sank deep into the demon's neck as the cobra coiled it's body tightly around the demon. The demon could not escape the snake's strong muscles and soon it stopped struggling all together as it's neck was snapped.
The cobra slowly let the body fall and than snatched up another demon that charged it! The giant cobra ignored all wounds and was death that stalked the demons on the ground. Carrianna was lost in the battle frenzy and the cobra's instincts took over.

Re: A Party For Spring (The Rise of Curulan)

PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 2:03 pm
by Courtesan Lemac
Courtesan Lemac
Lemac's last stand…

Lemac turned as her friend Fianna showed her mastery with the whip, she turned to her in the midst of the battle, "Mistress Fianna, your help is need back inside the castle walls. Go my friend your place is there."
Lemac turned and continued her advance on the Dark One, she drew closer to him with every body that fell from her blade. There on the crest of a hill in the battle field he stood alone, no personal guards at his side. Lemac climbed the hill and confronted him, "This is your last day of life." with out warning Lemac attacked him, the flames about her Masamune grew as there battle raged on. There skills evenly matched, Lemac gave it her all. She was not fighting to protect her own life, but the lives of all that she held dear to her. But Lemac was beginning to tire and her skill faltered more then once. With each of his blows that fell home and struck her Lemac could feel little pain, she knew that her mother was taking all the pain from her and with each blow she could her her mother cry out in pain.
Lemac weariness began to take it's tole on her. Her blade was heavy in her hand. The Dark One could see the fatigue setting in, he rose his blade and came down with a crushing blow. Lemac moved to deflect the blow with her sword, but suddenly there was a sharp ringing. Lemac blade fell from her hand broken. Lemac drew a dagger and lunged at the Dark One but was to late, she felt as the hilt of his sword struck her head. Lemac fell to the ground and rolled helplessly down the hill.
Her body stopped at the base of the hill and suddenly there was a dome of light about the body of Lemac. Try as the Dark One might noting he could do would pass thru the dome of light.

Reply ouch.…

LordGuyver stood upon the edge of the castle wall, watching the fever pitch battle, and lets out a blood curdling cry then steps off the wall, plunging to the ground feet first. The cry caught the attention of a large demon. The unfortunate demon looks up only to see the souls of two boots crashing in to his face, slamming his head to the ground. Quickly Guyver plunged his clawed gauntlet into the back of a demon close enough to him wrapping his fingers around the helpless demons spinal cord and raising it off the ground to use as a shield “QUIT WIGGLING!” Guyver slams the demon against a wall a few times too finally kill off the horrid thing then enters the frenzy of battle….

Sir Dan of LoCR
Re: A new epic RP story, Open to all.…

The General had a small squad of six of his best soldiers with him and were going to stop at Titan castle for a quick pick me up, and some healing salves. He halts the small Calvary unit when he sees a strange white dragon shoot energy. He gets off his horse and walks towards the edge of a cliff that below has a sprawling valley. He sees a large army trying to take the castle, there are few defending it and it looks like they may lose the castle. Raising his hand and chanting a spell under his breath, his ring begins to glow and a ramp forms that leads down in to the valley. He goes back towards his men and orders his lieutenant to take the squad down and begin to give the Titans aid. In the mean time Dan secures his horse to a stake and summons his best armor. A moment later his best equipment comes shooting thru the air as if a rocket and lands a his feet. A minute later he is adding on all of his weaponry, his matchlock strapped across his back with silver bullets, a compact crossbow pistol attached to his side at the waist, surikens inside his sleeves, stakes in his boots, and His trusty blade already ignited with a golden sheen in his hand. He steps of the cliff and floats down to the ground, only to find that they are fighting demons. He wants to find who is in command, And blasts demons out of his way using magic towards the middle of the battle. He watches as his men cut of the heads of demons and as one gets slain by one.

Re: A Party For Spring (The Rise of Curulan)

PostPosted: November 21st, 2020, 2:03 pm
by Courtesan Lemac
A Mysterious Dragon
Reply Re: Lemac's last stand…

The dragon sees Lemac fall in the distance. Filled with rage, he breaks from the demons attacking him, receiving many slash wounds in the process. Unhindered by the pain, he works his way to the glowing light. Seeing the Dark One hovering over the fallen body like a vulture waiting for an animal to die, the dragon charges him, knocking him back several hundred feet. Then, the dragon enters the shield, and carefully picks up the body of Lemac, and flies back to the Palace.
The dragon circles the Titan lands, finally finding Midway near the castle gates. He lands, after placing the body of Lemac in front of her.
The dragon gets a pained look in his eyes, and speaks into Midway's mind, with a very familiar voice. "Please... help her. She is very close to death. I failed her once, I do not want to fail her again. I must now go to finish what I have started." The dragon lifts off, and flies toward where the Dark One last stood.

Midway Samporna
Reply A Fallen sister…

Midway watched as her sister ran out confront the Dark One, she watched as they battled, and suddenly Lemac fell. Midway ran down from the battlements of the castle and in to the courtyard. She watched thew the main gate as the Dragon lifted her body and flew to her and laid it down in front of her. Midway was shocked to her the dragon talk to her mind to mind, only something that she and Lemac did.
Midway cried out as he turned and flew back to the battle field "Don't worry Curulan, Lemac will be fine. Do what you must." Midway bent down and lifted the body of her sister and carried to safety.

Sir Dan of LoCR
The leader.....…

busily hacking away at the countless numbers of demons, Dan looks up and sees that strange dragon pick up a body and fly it towards the castle's main gate. Using magic to place a shield around himself, he takes over the mind of a hawk and forces it to make a course change to where the dragon is flying to. Using the hawks excellent vision, he watches as the dragon lands and places Lemac on the ground in front of her sister. Dan, from previous experience, could tell that she had an air of command around her. He began to run towards her cutting, slashing, and blasting demons out of the way. When he finally arrived at her side he quickly introduced himself and his men whom were still fighting, and asked her where she wants them to go..…

Ebon Ashe
Reply Entering the fray

At last, in an effort to sedate her sadistic lust for blood, Ebon-Ashe joins her fellow titans on the battlefield. Drawing her long sword from her sheath, she bellows a menacing war cry. Her first demon victim meets its demise with one swift blow to the neck which decapitates, and kills it instantly. This brutality of this first blow sparks an intrinsic lust for more death fueling her with a rush of adrenaline.
In the chaos of the battle, she is able to find demon after demon to deal the card of death to. Oblivious to anything but the demons around her, she fights. Another demon is ripped to shreds by the razor-edged blade. A downward slash tears through the sternum of another, piercing its heart and sending forth a stream of blood. There's a distinct crunch as Ebon-Ashe's sword severs the bone in the arm of another. She drives back the wounded demon 'till its back rests on the blade of a fallen comrade. Then, dealing a swift kick to its chest, she sends the beast reeling onto the blade where it writhes in agony before it finally exhales its last. Turning, she catches another demon in the back of the head with the pommel of her blade, knocking it unconscious. Ebon-Ashe cackles as she takes out her silver dagger and hacks at it until the chest cavity cracks open. Reaching in, she pulls out the still beating heart, and holds it victoriously in the air.