Herroo -- I'm back but I need some help. Please?

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Herroo -- I'm back but I need some help. Please?

Postby Slicky » July 21st, 2008, 8:51 pm

Hey ya'll this is Slicky. I'm finally back from an extended abscence. Its crazy how that thing called work tends to kick in. Of course college and a lovely but time-grubbing girlfriend. :?

DC Char: Slicky Level 20
I have
H - 20d 16s B,L,G
B - 1a 40d 24s B,L
F - 12a 14d 18s
RL: 29a 29d 29s B,L,BST,

I love the blast on my staff, but I need something stronger. A silver tail whip with blast would be awesome, or whatever someone could spare.

DC Char: Slicky3 Level 18
H - 19d -4s G
B - 26d 12s B,L
F - 5a 5d 6s
RL - 69a 12s

All My stuff royally sucks on this char. I cant even go to the mountains without getting powned. Dunjeons are just bearable right now, but I cant find any good gear. Its ridiculous. I just go to the court all day and hope to win a good gamble. LOL

Anyways, If someone could help me I would be very grateful.
Thank you for your generosity. :D


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DC Name: Slicky
DC Name: Slicky3
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