DC Member Services access request

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DC Member Services access request

Postby Cheshire » October 13th, 2005, 1:08 pm

All Titan DC Areas (Rank Fund, Armory, Market Place, etc) require membership confirmation so we can verify that those seeking access are indeed members of our clan and are currently in good standing. This will, in turn, require that everyone have registered a forum account.

You need to post the following:
  • Your DC Character Name (must be in clan Titan)
  • Your registered account name

One of our forum admins will then try to find your name in our clan lists and then grant you access

Requests are usually processed monthly due to low request rate and my limited time, so you might have to wait up to 30 days. Remember patience is a virtue.

(If you want to check yourself if you are on our lists: click here

Once your request has been granted, your post here will be deleted. So once you see your post gone, then you're either cleared for market access or two updates have transpired since your first request and you did not reply to the comments in your request.

If you find your Marketplace access gone...
That will be for one of a couple of reasons:

  • You are under investigation by CIC and until found innocent, your access is removed.
  • You were found guilty by CIC for some type of hacking offense and were removed from the clan. (Check your characters status.)
  • We can't confirm your Titan status because the main character we know you by is in another clan.
  • Your character did not show up in our clan listings when our marketplace archives were cleaned out -- this resulted in your removal. If you have not quested your character in a while, you will need to reapply for marketplace access and quest regularly 'till you are readmitted.
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