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*** Role Play List @ EzBoard Forum***

Postby Courtesan Lemac » September 17th, 2005, 11:18 am

I give to you here a list of the most current and popular Role Play Stories from our old EzBoard forum. These will include RP that we are contuining on this Forum, those RPs will have link the old site followed by a link to the contuinuation on this site. Enjoy.... I know did.

An urgent envoy

Another key... Unlocking...

The Creation of a New Order (Open RP)

Entering Hell(Open RP)

The Entrance(Open RP)

Marred by Darkness(Open RP)

Metamorphasis(open rp)

The Rotting Rouge

The Secret Powers of the Index

So many years back... (Open RP)

Under the Volcano

The Ultima (Open/Humorous)
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