Carmon's character sheet

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Carmon's character sheet

Postby carmonmajere1 » April 30th, 2010, 9:19 pm

An ever ambitious and careful creature, of supernatural evil ruler of the infinite layers of the abyss it was believed for an unfortold amount of time he was dead. at the height of his power
rumors suggest he planed it knowing his spirit would go to the void he had heard legends of The Book Of Darkness was there legends say the book started as a single scroll penned over a millennia ago. of the first daemon king it contained his vile thoughts and knowledge he had gained through experimentation and study. in just a few thousand words he recorded malevolent ideas and concepts so vile that to this day have never occurred to another being not even the foulest soul years later the scroll was found by a priest of a god of death. he added to it tripling its size adding his knowledge of sacrifice, dark gods and evil divine magic soon many other evil priests found his now scrolls and added to them their own knowledge from there polluted minds and experiments some even summoned demons and asked questions and recorded there words directly eventually the scrolls fell into the hands of an evil wizard and warlord he added his own vast knowledge to it on lich dom and the undead after he rose as a lich he took human flesh and the bones of a demon and transformed them into a bound book its said many strange ancient unholy runes and sigils adorn its cover and the scrolls where scribed in blood as ink into the book and the scrolls destroyed the runes can only be understood by someone who has read the book in its entirety and come to understand its darkness is so vile it would shame the lower planes themselves it took Carmon a long time to find the book and his own memories and self again he then made attempts to get Helfyr to free him from the void she refused as he knew she would he then contacted his brother as planned.

his plans are often mysterious to outside observers with short sighted views his manipulations are labyrinthine and insidious. working on a grand scale though he will devote time to securing of even a single soul in his new form he is often depicted as the strongest, most cunning, and most beautiful of all devils. his avatar is typically described as appearing as a half drow human 13 feet tall, with tanned skin and dark hair, his red eyes shine with the power of the abyss, and his head crowned with a pair of small black horns he dresses in finery of black and gold a single garment of his might cost what a nation spends in a year he is rarely without his black crystal staff that glistens with an unimaginable, unearthly luster. rumors suggest that the value of its gems alone is worth more than one million gold pieces. with immense magical power

some rumors suggest that Carmon's true form is is that of a giant serpent, hundreds of miles long. after he was cast out among the dragons of the material plane no one knows if this rumored form is true or not No one who tells the story of the true form of Carmon lives beyond 24 hours to tell the tale

it's said Carmon created the race of Arch- devils beings of immense evil infused and imbued with essence of the Abyss
each Arch- devil is a unique devil of immense power and influence, with his own resources: military, magical, and political, to rely on in the endless scheming that characterizes devilish politics.
rumors suggest Carmon is nearly impossible to hurt without the use of very powerful holy magic weapons. and has a vast array of spell like abilities including the power to alter the form of lesser devils, including the other Arch devils

some further rumors suggest he has a queen residing within the sanctuary in the jungle of darkness
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