Zuka's Character Sheet

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Zuka's Character Sheet

Postby Zuka Zamamee » August 24th, 2009, 7:19 pm

A. Common Name
Zuka of Telemnar

B. Full Title and Rank
Zuka of Telemnar, aka The Destroyer
The Lich King
The Arch Devil of Death
Ruler of P'leik

C. Race
High Elf, Lich, Arch Devil

D. Magical Alignment

E. Military Division/Rank
Doesn't hold a rank in Titan, though is the leader of his personal army
Former High Councillor

F. Character Overview
A powerful lich and spellcaster, Zuka has turned his back on his heritage and walked down the path of damnation in the quest for more power. He is now the Lich King, taking the mantle from Jon Irenicus II due to his absence, and was recently elevated to an Arch Devil by Akevashia. He is cunning, malicious, and above all, power hungry. He will not let anything, or anyone, stand between him and more power. Though he is powerful to the extremes, he must continuously feed off of souls in order to sustain his powers. If cut off from that supply, his powers will decline...

Zuka has mastered the art of warping the flesh of living and dead creatures, combining multiple creatures if necessary, and is able to do the same with minds. This way he can create previously unimagined abominations to serve his cause.

G. Ability
Zuka's knowledge in the dark art of necromancy is vast and is the highlight of centuries of study. He is a little bit knowledgeable in the arts of fire, lightning (a branch of air), and ice (a branch of water), but these skills are severely lacking in comparison to his necromancy skills. However, in order to sustain himself and his substantial powers, the Lich King must feed off of souls, usually at a rate of one soul per eight hours. All knowledge that the soul had while still alive is transferred to the Lich King, though he is unable to learn complicated spells or rituals in this way. When left to his own devices, Zuka consumes eight souls a day, or one soul per three hours.

When Zuka became an Arch Devil with the aid of Akevashia, he absorbed the knowledge and powers of four thousand Archmages, learning their secrets, their spells, and the location of several valuable artifacts that he will eventually seek after. It will take some time for the Lich King to sort through all of the Archmages' memories, however, so it will be a while before all of his latent powers are discovered.

The Lich King also has several unique abilities when it comes to sight. The first is infravision which allows him to detect sources of heat. Second, he is able to see using True Sight, allowing him to see through almost all disguises. Third, he is able to detect living creatures as well as their alignments. Finally, he is able to see in any form of darkness, magical or not, with his Arch Devil sight.

The Lich King has both undead and devil properties (as he is also an Arch Devil). He is immune to cold and electricity attacks, polymorph (though he can do this at will), ability damage or drain, disease, energy drain, paralysis, petrification, poison, sleep, stunning, and mind-affecting spells. Zuka is also resistant against fire spells and has a very strong willpower allowing him to resist Turn Undead or Turn Evil spells.

Also, while Zuka's phylactery remains intact, he cannot be killed. Even complete destruction of his body cannot prevent this, as he can resurrect himself within a week or even possess his killer.

However, he has extreme weakness to holy magic and sunlight. He is weakened during the day, even while hiding in the shadows, and can be killed by exposure (it would take a few agonizing minutes), but he becomes powerful at night (more so during a new moon). As P'leik has no sun, he is unaffected while there. Zuka must also consume souls on a regular basis to fuel his powers, usually at a rate of one per eight hours.

H. Physiology
Zuka's once ice blue eyes have now turned into blue orbs, though they have been observed to turn hellish red when angry or provoked, and his once magnificently tan skin has withered and rotted off revealing a skeleton darker than obsidian. He once stood nearly six feet tall, but has shrunken in size due to the loss in body mass. His once flowing black hair has completely fallen out.

He is also able to take on a different aspect, this one revealing his Arch Devil side. In this form, Zuka stands twelve feet tall with flowing black hair and four foot long horns protruding from his forehead, much like a goat's. His eyes are red, as is his skin, and he has a black goatee, black bat wings with a wingspan of eighteen feet, a spiked red tail, and cloven feet. While in this form, he is unbelievably charismatic and charming, luring many of his enemies to their untimely demise by the Destroyer's hands.

I. History

The history of Zuka Telemnar is a long tale of love and hatred, trust and betrayal, war and constant conflict. To tell the entire story of Zuka would take many hours, so here is the summary:

Born as the oldest child to the Telemnar family in Syl'arboreth, the capital of the Elvish confederacy in El'th'norann, Zuka became a swordsman quickly and his skills were remarkable. He grew up with another elf named Itarildë Calaelen, a sorceress, and the two fell in love and got married. When Zuka was eighty years old, the Second Great War between the elves and the undead, demons, and hordes of chaos broke out. Zuka was forced to join as a swordsman and quickly climbed in rank. Itarildë became a prominent sorceress, and pleaded with the head of the magic academy to allow Zuka to join. Finally, she relented and allowed the young high elf to join.

That was most important decisions in the course of Zuka's history. He learned magic quickly due in part to his blood, and not a moment too soon. Within the next year, the demons had located Syl'arboreth and began their week long siege. Infuriated, the king sent many legions of swordsmen and archers to their deaths trying to break the siege, but all their efforts to breach through failed. Finally, the cavalry and sorcery units led the final wave and nearly breached through when Zuka's warhorse was killed beneath him. He fell and disappeared into the mass of demons and undead. By the end of the day, much of Syl'arboreth had been destroyed, but the demons were finally defeated. Zuka's body was never found.

Little did anyone know he had been captured for his magical prowess and forced to join the ranks of the demons. For the next 648 years, Zuka was a pawn to the Pit Lord Akanzel, forced to serve him as a necromancer. However, Zuka quickly gained rank and power, slaying his opposition through magic, treachery, and assassination. Pleased with the results that the young necromancer was bringing, Akanzel eventually made Zuka a general, where he earned the nickname "The Destroyer."

Around the age of 730, Zuka's forced servitude was finally released when Akanzel attempted to remove Zuka as the commander of the legions. Angry, the necromancer incited a full-scale revolution in the pits of hell against Akanzel. Through the midst of chaos, Akanzel, Shanu, and Barglom (the three commanding Pit Lords) were finally captured by Zuka; however, Akanzel mortally crippled Iskhani (a Pit Lord who was Zuka's closest friend). Enraged, Zuka had the three Pit Lords executed.

Eight years later, the necromancer found his way to Titan. He made a few friends, such as Carzal, TBeck, Gus, Ominous, zip, and (ironically) a paladin named Akunosh, and had many adventures. He returned to El'th'norann with the Lich King's army and laid waste to Syl'arboreth. Afterwards, he and Carzal traveled to a minor version of hell to steal a magical dragon tooth and a demon priest's staff, which he still keeps to this day. Then, they traveled to the abandoned frozen world of Aewin to capture the Necromancy and other various magical Indexes, tomes of vast knowledge and spells. Several other adventures were undertaken during his time at Titan, but there are far too many to list.

The necromancer soon departed Titan to occupy the abandoned realm of P'leik. Jon Irenicus II never called his troops back, so the necromancer kept them under his command. He undertook the Ritual of Change to become a lich, and soon afterwards took the mantle of the Lich King when Jon's disappearance became obvious. He has since expanded on the horde, adding new races and replacing others from constant battle. The new Lich King struck a pact with the King of Hell, Ahaz, and was granted a medallion that would allow him to call upon the devil's assistance as necessary. Zuka then created new weapons and armor for himself and began to expand upon his already formidable telepathic powers.

After biding his time by increasing his powers and further evolving his hordes, Zuka revealed his next ambitious move. With the aid of the goddess Akevashia, Zuka was imbued with the souls of four thousand Archmages, a quarter of which were Elven, and became an Arch Devil. The process nearly killed the Lich King, but his willpower alone allowed him to surive the painful ordeal. As both an Arch Devil and the Lich King, Zuka now craves for even more power, willing to risk all-out war against some of his most powerful adversaries...

J. Mannerisms
Zuka will follow the law if it serves his needs and will comply with another's commands if he deems it logical enough. Besides that, he prefers to kill and maim mortals for his own sadistic pleasure or be amongst undead creatures than amongst the living.

K. Properties of Choice
The Harbinger - A powerfully enchanted yet cursed greatsword that serves as the Lich King's main weapon. It is bound to the Lich King for all eternity because of the curse bestowed upon it; should another attempt to wield it, the unlucky fool is instantly slain. The Lich King is capable of calling upon multiple spells from the sword. First is a bolt made of pure chaos energies, easily capable of corrupting or slaying a mortal, with a range of three hundred meters. The second is a cone of arctic winds and razor sharp shards of ice, slowing down and wounding unarmored foes, with a range of seventy five meters and thirty meters wide. The third enchantment allows the Lich King to resurrect all corpses within a five hundred meter radius, but such power comes at a cost, weakening the Lich King from the effort. Thus, it is very rarely called upon except in dire situations. Finally, the last enchantment surrounds the Lich King in impenetrable anti-magic field ten meters in diameter. Any unwanted effects are instantly purged while the Lich King is fully healed. Again, such power comes at a great cost, and it can only be used sparingly.

The Harbinger also carries eight soulgems that can hold the essence of even a celestial. When a mortal or immortal is slain, Zuka can choose to capture their essence or not. This allows him to feed off of these souls, effectively healing himself, or store them for some later time.

Eh'Vritsu Dagger - A unique soulstealer dagger, wrought by the hands of Irenicus and allows the wielder to trap the victim's essence in it. The soul is then only removable by magical means.

Taeshalach - The very armor that the Lich King wears. It uses the souls of dead beings and transforms them into shades, giving them the additional ability to take on substance at the wearer's command. They can hide the wearer from detection, no matter the power of the spell or the keenness of the eye, and they can become solid and act as a shield for the wearer. This armor makes the wearer immune to death and necromancy spells and provides some protection against holy spells.

Crown of the Lich King - The obsidian crown that sits on the Lich King's skull is a dark, sinister creation. Constructed through means unknown to mere mortals, it is rumored to give the Lich King a larger arcane reserve to call upon. The crown also grants him vast telepathic powers over his armies and ensures that he will be able to effectively communicate with his armies and commanders at all times.

Gloves of the Lich King - Made by the Lich King himself, these gloves serve two purposes. The first enchantment prevents the Lich King from unintentionally dropping objects, particularly weapons. This makes it almost impossible to disarm the Lich King. The second enchantment grants him the ability to call upon a shield spell for a short duration.

Soulstone Amulet - An exquisite amulet that holds a red soulstone as a pendant and is one of Zuka's eight soulstones. The other seven are held by powerful and loyal vampires given the noble task of protecting them for all eternity. These soulstones are the trinkets that keep Zuka's phylactery safe, for no harm can befall it while any of the soulstones remain intact.

Phylactery - The phylactery is the very stone that keeps Zuka's precious essence. Without it, Zuka would perish for all eternity, and for this reason he made certain it would be nigh impossible to destroy. While all eight soulstones remain intact and the Takrin staff separated, none could ever hope to destroy the stone.

L. Sociology
Secluded, dark, mysterious, and brooding, Zuka never forgets a grudge. He is a master of revenge, even if it takes many years to exact it upon those who inflicted harm upon him.

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Re: Zuka's Character Sheet

Postby Agustus » September 7th, 2009, 4:44 am

*goes after the eight soul stones* :pimp:
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