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Postby Carzal » April 13th, 2008, 8:30 pm

Uther gave Ominous a long, slow stare, blinking only once. The young spoke so quickly and so... kids these days.
One part did strike him, though. He needed these people, but would lying to them be something that Pellor would forgive? He decided to take the straight course.
"You are chosen by me, because of your great power. My world is beseiged by... monsters. Vampires."
As he said it, a vampire walked towards them. Or rather, not quite a vampire, but so close that it made no difference. Oddly enough, Carzal welcomed the monstrous creature.
With age comes wisdom, or so they said, and Uther was older than most. It was possible for some of these vampires to be good, wasn't it? To turn against their evil nature?
He hoped so.
"No, you didn't hear anything about rewards, but how about adventure? This man just traveled from what I think is another dimension."
Carzal paused, and glanced around at the entourage that seemed to be gathering.
"Let's go into my office rather than discussing this outside."
Entering the front door of the Dome meant entering what seemed to be a room with no doors save for the one that lead outside. Opposite the door was a pool of water. Rather than subjecting his guests to the usual test, Carzal simply touched a statue of a serpent, and a door materialized. It lead directly to his office.
"Come in."
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Postby Ominous » May 5th, 2008, 8:14 pm

(Sorry for not posting...there's not much for me to say, anyway.)


The old man stared at Ominous, blinking just once. It was a long, painful moment. Ominous felt as if he was having the happiness sucked out of him. The stare continued, slowly. Time seemed to dilate and Ominous began to feel a bit tipsy. He swayed once, twice. If it were hotter, he would've broken a sweat.

The man blinked. Ominous shook his head quickly and came back to reality. He blindly followed Carzal inside, still shaken, and entered the office.
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Postby James » May 7th, 2008, 10:55 pm

With much hesitation the draconian forced his arms downward and his poised legs into a more relaxed and comfortable state. His tail was dead still, his weight ready to shift at the least provocation to him. He might have been treated as a monster by many, but no vampire Crom had seen or heard of was ever... good. Even if this one was he doubted that the vampire was filled completely with good intention.

As the vampire drew closer, the draconian smelled the blood of many violent deaths fermented by time. It was... nauseating. He was a warrior, a barbarian. Crom was used to being covered head to toe in blood without being bothered, but something about the continued use of blood as a tool unsettled him greatly, especially after smelling what was coming. His eyes glared deeply yet without emotion in wait, his mouth shut completely so that his concentration was filled entirely onto the newcomer.
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Postby boywonder » May 9th, 2008, 1:51 am

*BW listened and followed first Carzal, then the oddity from another dimension, and then Ominous with his eyes as they headed into the office. With the draconian heading into the office in a clearly forced state of relaxtion, BW let out a bit of an evil grin*

Silly children, did they think to fear what they did not understand? - BW let his thoughts roam freely as in this world no magical power could pry them from his brain - Those who fear what they do not know, will die when I let them know of true fear.

*Noticing the luxuries Carzal afforded himself in his private office, BW let out a bit of a whistle, also knowing that breaking the silence would make it easier for these children to have a false sense of security*

"I see Titan's funds have been used properly, eh there friend?"

*Without waiting on a reply, though throwing a rough grin to Carzal to let him know that all was in fun, BW let out a stare that only the deranged serial killers and complete psychos could muster towards the three others in the room*

"My name is Boywonder. BW if you feel it would be easier to call me by something shorter. I have been here many a great years, though only those I wish to know me are allowed to. Now before this old man goes on and on about adventure and someone or thing that threatens his existence, who are you and what are you famous for?"

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