Jerric Morneth Character Sheet

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Jerric Morneth Character Sheet

Postby Jerric Morneth » February 18th, 2008, 5:17 pm

Name-Jerric Morneth


Hair-long Dark Brown hair with the occasional lighter sun streak

Eyes-dark brown with a hint of green around the middle


Class-Rouge/Cleric of Cyric

Languages-Abyssal, Common, Orc


Age- looks around 20-something, but is actually roughly 18-19. no approximate date is known due to enslavement

Full Title and Rank-none applicable as of yet, although "Sneaky Bastard" would work well

Physiology- decently tall and decently thin bodied, yet far from any vague semblances of anorexic. its actually rather hard to calculate exactly what shape he’s in as to do date, no one has seen him without his gear on, assuming he allows them to see him at all.


plotting and calculating ways out of every situation are practically hobbies of his, along with robbing anyone he can blind. The harder the job, the more he would enjoy trying it. Jerric lives for three things: Wealth, Power and personal pleasure. the first two are the ones he indulges in the most, the latter takes form in his enjoyment of a job well done, as he is not adverse to extravagant food or drink or pleasures of a more exotic sort, as they tend to take their toll on body and mind, something the young Jerric doesn’t want to worry about until he’s a lot richer and safer in his position.


Jerric is a loner, he doesn’t like people, he doesn’t want to interact with people, and he’s not even really that comfortable around them. He doesn’t care much about his fellow man usually save what valuables he can heist off of them. A few exceptions to this follows:

Courtesan Lemac Samporna- the ever mysterious Lady Lemac has tolerated Jerric's antics far more then many other titanites thus far and even made use of his Talents for strife and thievery on several occasions. Jerric likes her rather mysterious appeal, one that doesn’t ever reveal what she is thinking. He thinks of her as an affectionate business partner.

Ebon Ashe- one of the members of Titan he knows and respects for her talents in the same shadowy field as he, he enjoys her sadistic company, although he does think her a bit brash and hotheaded, where she should be more manipulative, but that’s just a difference of style. Perhaps another future business partner.

Quotes- “yeah, when pigs learn to levitate”

Basic Lockpicking set
Basic Trap setting and Disarming Kit
Masterwork Bandoleer[holds up to twelve items]
Purple Robes trimmed with Silver
Black robes trimmed with silver
Small easily concealable silver bracelets that have the symbol of the dark sun

Masterwork Bandoleer-
Potion of Cure moderate wounds
Potion of Hiding
Scroll of Obscuring Mist
Scroll of Summon Monster I
Scroll of Cure Light Wounds
Scroll of Detect Magic
Scroll of Light
Scroll of Command
Scroll of Detect Undead
Bag of Chalk Dust
Bag of Marbles
Quarrel of 40 Bolts

Small Concealed Dagger
Light Crossbow

Black Stealth Clothes complete with Hood and Cowl.
Silver Bracers that have the symbol of The Dark Sun
Amulet with the holy symbol of the dark sun that lies around his neck
Pair of Blade Boots
Blackened Studded Leather Cuirass


Small bit of past history- Jerric Morneth was born and grew up in Teshendale, a small dale that occupied the river Tesh, right under the shadow of Zhentil Keep. As Zhentil keep transformed from an independent trading city to a hive of evil, Teshendales days became numbered. After several bouts with the Zhentarim, it was wiped out by a horde of Zhentarim driven Orcs. During this time the young child Jerric, now orphaned and alone, was captured as slave fodder and brought back to Zhentil keep, where he learned to survive by making himself as useful and obedient as possible, following whatever instructions were passed down to him to the letter. He immersed himself into the pit of darkness, lies and plots that was Zhentil Keep and came out surviving. After doing several jobs for a priest of Cyric named Daimos he was offered as payment for the years of service to become a Cleric himself, as this would mean an end to being enslaved Jerric was more then willing to join the ranks of the Dark Suns followers. After becoming officially initiated into the ranks of the clergy he managed to slip away from keep politics on some official sounding business or another with help from Daimos. He now travels to improve himself and his position in the world by gathering as much power, wealth and artifacts as possible.

soon after leaving Zhentil Keep and arriving at the lands of Titan, he began researching and thoroughly building a mental file of the clans he came to, predominantly the past history of the eldest and richest members, during one of these he came across some writings of a beautiful fiery haired women named Lemac who was considered one of the elders of the clan, she was for a the most a part a mystery to most people, or perhaps just him, and even had a large very expansive mansion. after "Procuring" a map of the estate he stalked it out and broke into it without complications, or so he thought, as he was doing some light research into her history from the local books he saw their, he was walked in upon by Lemac samporna herself, who had set up magical defenses and sensed him the moment he had entered the property. After a bit of a chat Jerric was let off the hook, and even given a tour of the estate.

Prepared spells-


Level 0-
Purify Food and Drink
Detect Poison
Detect Magic
Create water

Level 1-
Shield of Faith
Cure Light Wounds
Jerric Morneth
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