Rajst Kalizkhanavar

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Rajst Kalizkhanavar

Postby Rajst Kalizkhanavar » August 2nd, 2007, 8:04 pm

((The character that I am entering here is the V:tM version of Rajst, the true Assamite.))

A. Common Name

Rajst Nikolai Kalizkhanavar, Nick, Niko, Kaliz

B. Full Title and Rank

Silsila of the Assamite Clan
Web of Knives Assassin
6th generation Assamite

C. Race

Vampyre, Assamite

D. Magical Affinity


E. Military Division/Rank


F. Character Overview

Rajst is a full-blooded vampyre that is over 7500 years old. Most of his life he's spent his time as an assassin-for-hire, usually hunting down criminals, smugglers, and other targets that he is paid to kill. However, it is rumored that Rajst will accept any type of contract, so long as the price is right.

Rajst loves to hunt (specifically prey that have intelligence) and takes great pride in his trade. He is secretive, reclusive, and cruel to those he doesn't know or those that aren't also a vampyre, which inadvertantly helps him continue with his trade.

G. Ability

Rajst is an excellent swordsman and is skilled in many, many forms of martial arts. Though he lacks any true magical powers, his Assamite blood allows him to use a wide variety of Assamite powers.


Cloak of Shadows
The vampire may be unnoticed by most, by hiding completely motionless in a shadow, or in a place that puts an object (not necessarily an object big enough to hide behind) between himself and others who might see him.

Unseen Presence
The vampire may go unseen, and even be subconsciously avoided, by others. No extra concentration is required unless someone is looking for the vampire, or the vampire is moving in an abrupt manner, as during speech or combat.

Mask of the Thousand Faces
The vampire may assume another appearance. This is only in the minds of others, and often others will see different forms. This power may not usually be used for impersonation.
1 suc. A little different. He could still be picked from a police lineup.
2 suc. A bit more different. Descriptions vary.
3 suc. The desired appearance is successfully broadcast.
4 suc. Appearance, movements, and mannerisms are all radically different.
5 suc. Even race or gender can be altered.

Vanish From the Mind’s Eye
The vampire can disappear from view. If more successes are gained than a target’s Willpower, that target forgets that the vampire was even there, if the vampire leaves promptly.

Cloak the Gathering
The vampire can hide one extra target, for each point he has in Stealth, by the use of any Obfuscate power he knows.

An inanimate object may be hidden, as per Unseen Presence, if the vampire is within thirty feet of it, and the object being hidden has emotional significance to him.

Soul Mask
The vampire may adopt a mask that changes the color of his aura. The color of the vampire’s mask is chosen when he learns this power, and may not subsequently be changed.

The vampire may make his aura invisible. If a target wishes to perceive the vampire’s aura, he must resist, and if he succeeds, he may then use Aura Perception to read the aura.

Old Friends
The vampire can persuade a target that he is a friend. This target will treat him as a friend, often telling him things that he otherwise wouldn’t, and generally treating the vampire in a very friendly manner.

Create Name
The vampire may create a new identity, with its own aura, personality, gender, Nature, Demeanor, etc.


Silence of Death
By spending a blood point, the vampire may create a zone of a twenty-foot radius around him, within which no sounds will be heard, and no one will hear anything. Only he himself will only hear sounds made outside the zone.

By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may reduce his victim’s Stamina by one. The victim stays in this condition for the duration indicated on the chart.

By bringing three points of blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may reduce each of his victim’s physical attributes by one. The victim stays in this condition for the duration indicated on the chart.

Blood Agony
By coating a bladed weapon of adequate size with his blood, the vampire may use the weapon to inflict aggravated damage. Assume that one blood point is rubbed off each time the blade hits something, whether it does damage or not.

Taste of Death
The vampire may spit blood, at a range of up to ten feet for each dot he has in Strength or Potence, and each blood point so used does aggravated damage.

Blood Empathy
The vampire may leave his current emotions in the blood of a vessel, and these emotions emerge in any vampire who drinks from them, for one day per blood point imbibed.

Blood Sweat
By concentrating on a victim, the vampire may cause his victim to lose one blood point per success through his sweat glands, at a rate of up to two blood points per round.

Thin Blood
By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a target with it, the vampire may make a vampire’s blood incapable of healing wounds. The victim stays in this condition for the duration indicated on the chart.

Cleanse of Influence
By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a target with it, the vampire may cancel an effect of a non-blood related discipline.

Blood of the Cobra
The vampire may, at a distance, use Quietus powers that would normally require touching a victim and spending blood, by spitting blood at his victim. The vampire may spit blood at a range of up to ten feet for each dot he has in Strength or Potence.

Foul Blood
The vampire may alter a vessel, causing all other vampires (except himself) who drink from said vessel three levels of damage for each point imbibed.

By paying a willpower point, the vampire may drink blood by skin contact, which leaves no marks. He may drink as many blood points as he has Stamina, per turn.

Blood Clot
By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may clot his victim’s blood. Each success represents one blood point becoming clotted; this blood is rendered useless, and the victim must be cut open or otherwise medically treated to remove it. In mortals, stroke ensues if more than one point is clotted.

Blood Curse
By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a target with it, the vampire may make another vampire less able use his blood. In this condition, the victim must spend two blood points to heal a wound, and his blood can not be used to heal aggravated wounds, perform the Embrace, power disciplines, or raise attributes. The victim stays in this condition for the duration indicated on the chart.

By bringing five points of blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may reduce his victim’s Physical traits to zero, for one day per success.

Immaculate Vitae
Anyone who tastes the vampire’s blood once is considered blood bound to the vampire, unless they are already bound to a vampire of equal or earlier generation.

Level Quietus Effects Chart

Roll Duration of Effect
1 suc. one turn (6 seconds)
2 suc. one hour
3 suc. one day
4 suc. one month
5 suc. forever (or until the victim's generation is lowered)

Assamite Sorcery

Awakening of the Steel - a path that creates a mystical bond between a blade and its wielder.

The Hunter's Winds - a path that takes stealth to the next level.

Ex Inferis
Learned when Rajst became a Silsila.

Pervideo (Survey)

Before you can fight the taint of the infernal, you must first find it. The first level of the Ex Inferis path enables the Assamite to locate infernalists in his vincinity. This power counts as a means of supernatural perception, thus enabling the Assamite to pierce Obfuscate and other cloaking powers in the same way as Auspex.

System: The number of successes determines the accuracy of this sensory input. One success will give the Assamite a vague indication of an infernal presence, while five successes will enable the caster to pick an infernalist accurately out of a thick crowd, and also determine the approximate level of corruption of the infernalist.

Venatio (The Chase)

Infernalists that have been spotted rarely stick around to suffer their righteous punishment. As such the Assamite must have a means by which to track the infernalist. The movements of infernalists that have been discovered by use of Pervideo can be tracked by this power.

System: Once an Assamite has spotted an infernalist, he may cast Venatio and, if successful, a trail of light indicating the infernalist's travelled path will be visible to the Assamite. The number of successes determines the duration of this awareness:

1 success - 1 minute
2 successes - 1 hour
3 successes - 1 day
4 successes - 1 week
5+ successes - 1 lunar month

While this power is in effect the infernalist will experience a continuous feeling of being watched.

Adversor (Oppose)

Upon attaining this level of the path the Assamite can invoke a warding sphere against infernal creatures. Infernalists and demon-possessed beings coming into contact with this ward will be expelled from it and will suffer intense pain, and even injury.

System: The warding sphere extends ten feet around the Assamite for every success on the activation roll. Infernalists attempting to pass the warding sphere and approach the Assamite, or already inside the sphere when it is cast, will need to succeed in a contested Willpower roll against the Assamite. If the infernalist wins the ward is broken. If the Assamite wins the infernalist suffers a number of health levels of lethal damage equal to the excess successes of the Assamite (minimum 1, may be soaked normally), and will be physically expelled from the warding sphere. The ward lasts for one scene unless the Assamite decides to drop it sooner.

Nominatim (By Name)

The greatest weapon of war is information. With this power the Assamite can discover the name of the demonic patron the infernalist is enslaved to. This name can then be used for other sorcerous powers.

System: The Assamite must first have spotted the infernalist through the use of Pervideo, and must have a direct line of sight to the infernalist when invoking this power. The number of successes determines the accuracy of the information received. This power can be used only once per lunar month on an infernalist.

1 success - the infernalist's demonic master's nature will be revealed (earth demon, Succubus, Yomi demon, Wyrm spirit, etc.)
2 successes - nature and the primary name by which the demon is known (which is almost never its true name)
3 successes - nature, primary name and a vague indication of the demon's power
4 successes - nature, primary name and an accurate assessment of the demon's power and rank
5+ successes - nature, primary name, power, rank and the demon's True Name

Periurium (Break the Oath)

If an Assamite has successfully discovered the True Name of the infernalist's demonic patron, the Assamite can temporarily sever the connection between the infernalist and its master, robbing the infernalist of its investments and daemonic powers.

H. Physiology

Rajst, at 7500 years old, is older than most vampyres that he encounters. Despite his age, he looks to be as young as a 24 year old human male. He has long sable hair that reaches between his shoulder blades. The vampyre stands at 6'2" ands weighs over 260 pounds (pure muslce, of course).

I. History

7500 years ago, there was once a great and beautiful city named En'esh (Enoch to Cainites). The king of En'esh, a wise and just man, was named Khe-duk. His queen, beautiful and noble, was Liada. As was the city's tradition, the eldest prince had no name but that of his city, En'esh, in order to remind him of the duty to his people for which he was being groomed. And the king's spear and shield, the lord of the armies of En'esh, the most trusted advisor and closest confidant of the royal family, was a man named Haqim.

Haqim was a respectable and honorable man, willing to sacrifice all to protect the greater good of En'esh. There were many officers who served under him who were loyal and unquestioning, the greatest of these being a young man named Rajst Kalizkhanavar. Rajst was as devoted to the safety of the royal family and the city as Haqim, if not more. For this, he earned Haqim's favor and trust and soon became Captain of the Guard.

Several months later, a mysterious man named Khayyin arrived to the city of En'esh and was permitted to stay. Rajst and Haqim were both suspicious of this man, but their opinions mattered naught to the king nor queen who had taken a liking to the man. To make matters worse, the king and queen began to fade from the public eye, instead preferring the company of this man named Khayyin.

When Haqim had discovered that Khayyin was actually a vampyre and had turned the royal family into his progeny, Rajst gathered his guards to find and kill Khayyin before he could escape. However, Khayyin was too elusive and wound up fighting Haqim one-on-one. The battle ended with Haqim near death, which enraged Rajst. He and his soldiers carried Haqim to the dead corpses of the king and queen (who had been killed earlier by Haqim upon his discovery that they were vampyres) and let him drink their blood.

Haqim was no longer a human, but a vampyre instead.

Commanding the remnants of the guard and the citizens (the city destroyed by Khayyin's powerful magics), Rajst and Haqim fled into the mountains to the north, pursued by Khayyin. When they finally lost him, the built the great castle which would later be named Alamut.

Several years later, Haqim's closest allies and most trusted lieutenants came to him asking to join him as a vampyre. He searched their souls deeply, and when they had proven worthy of being able to contain the Beast within, he turned them. Rajst was amongst one of them.

For centuries, Rajst served as the Du'at of war and remained close friends with Haqim. But when the great leader disappeared, Rajst abandoned his position as Du'at and followed. Even in exile, Rajst continued with his new role of assassin, and soon perfected it.

Four thousand years after the fall of En'esh, Rajst met an assassin named Akishira and became enthralled with her beauty and her skill with the blade. Desiring nothing more than the chance to spend all of eternity with her, Akishira was soon Embraced.

However, this did not settle well with the Assamite clan as a whole since Akishira was Embraced without the traditional training. A whole Web of Knives unit was given a contract to eliminate Rajst and Akishira, but the intervention of several of Rajst's closest friends (who held high ranks) prevented the order from being successfully issued.

A few centuries later Akishira and Rajst decided that it was time to create a "family." Rajst already had a candidate in mind. A few nights earlier, he had assassinated a wealthy merchant prince and left his daughter without a family. The Assamite followed her every step at night, and, one night while she was visiting her father's grave, Rajst Embraced her as well.

Again, another contract was written, but never issued. Frustrated with Rajst, they sent a talented Rafiq named Ro'khi, another friend of Rajst's, to watch Rajst's every move and find out where his loyalty laid. If necessary, he was to exterminate the entire Kalizkhanavar group.

Century after century, millennia after millennia, Rajst remained in exile with his make-shift family. But that changed when he had a run-in with another Assamite named Ro'khi. As he soon learned, his Assamite friend was assigned by the new Du'ats to track Rajst down, follow him, see where his allegiances lay, and act as necessary.

Disturbed by the lack of trust from the Du'ats, Rajst returned to Alamut to rise through their ranks once more.

J. Mannerisms

Rajst is secretive and reclusive at best. He engages in conversation only whenever it suits him, and he works to no timetable except his own or his potential employers. He enjoys tracking and killing his targets through stealth, but he will not hesitate to fight in the open.

K. Properties of Choice

Rajst wields a pair of black katanas and black wakizashis, both forged with black, nonreflective mithril blades. He also has twenty black, nonreflective mithril shurikens that he uses whenever he can't get in close for his kills. However, above all else, Rajst prefers to use his vampyric claws and teeth for close range, personal kills.

L. Sociology

Rajst rarely interacts with others besides vampyres and his employers. During the few times that he does engage in conversation, it is usually a short conversation that is to the point.
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