Judith's Character Sheet

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Judith's Character Sheet

Postby zipcat » August 1st, 2007, 8:15 pm

Here's a portrait of Judith for reference;



GENDER: Female

NAME: Judith



LOCATION: Watching duels, the tavern, or sleeping at her temporary home.

AGE: 220

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: Five foot eight inches (68”)

APPEARANCE: The most striking feature Judith has would be her eyes. They are smoky, and have look of a mother. However this is only true in the looks she often gives; the one that says don’t touch, or no. Being a guard, these looks have been well used and well developed, as well as the imposing postures she can hold.

Having to travel often, Judith sticks to leather rather than the usual metal armors. Her molded leather top fits closely, the thickest piece of armor she has to protect her tender belly. To hold it on close for the best protection two dark belts are built in a second layer around her slimmest portion of her torso, also insuring that her organs aren’t easily damaged.

There are no shoulders other than two small straps to hold the piece up to allow easy movement, but from these two thin leather ropes go threw the top to connect to the sleeves around her arms. Similar leather braids connect the two pieced sleeve over the gap on her elbows. To protect her shoulders and elbows, there are thick attachments she carries with her that tie on. However she usually leaves these off for ease in movement.

A belt similar to the ones on her torso hold her armored skirt up on her hips; set so that her upper armor overlaps it no matter her movement. Plates of leather fall down around her, overlapping about a two inches each. In front of these overlaps is a braid of dark cloth, knotted tightly. Underneath is a thinner layer of larger plates to reduce the chances of movement exposing her skin to danger or eyes. This skirt goes down to about six inches from her knee.

To protect her legs and knees she has boots going up under the skirt, to her thigh. Matching the belts and cloth, it completes her armor as its own buckles are the color of the rest. Though it isn’t noticeable, there is another layer inside over her knees. These boots add a half inch to her height.

She doesn’t wear a headpiece unless hard combat is a danger or planned, letting her dirty blond hair fall between her shoulder blades.

CLASS or JOB: Ex-Personal Guard and now barmaid at the DragonsKeep Tavern

PERSONALITY: Preferring to stand than to sit, Judith can appear to be very strong. She usually keeps to herself as she watches for dangers, letting the ones she finds know not to risk it. Rarely does she relax during her duties, not wanting to be a risk herself. Even if she is confident in her abilities and job, the feeling fades when she isn’t working. However she’ll not bother people by showing this.

Even though her eyes do most of her talking, Judith isn’t very anti-social. Off duty she loves to hear a few jokes, almost as if she can suddenly smile. However her past has tainted her grasp on humor, making it harder to have a laugh than others. Another effect of her history is that she does not trust people easily; something that has helped her in her work.

Even so Judith can be very caring for her subjects or the right people. She does not like people who are biased. As any stubborn person, she dislikes people who are stubborn as well.

ABILITIES/POWERS: Judith is skilled in long sword combat, having been trained in it for the last forty years. Physically she is well toned, able to run long distances and ready to fight when needed. She has learned to listen closely to things around her to avoid danger or surprise.

IMMUNITIES/DEFENSES: Without trusting people it is easier for Judith to make wise judgments and harder for people to hurt her.

WEAKNESSES: Other than the ones of every mortal, Judith’s stubbornness and personality can be a weakness.

PERSONAL ITEMS: A light simple long sword is always with Judith. The only special characteristic of it is the Inarus emblem on the hilt. However it was special crafted for her height and strength; personal guards needing to be armed well.

A knife is kept with her for smaller needs.

Judith used to have a collection of books that were her refuge, but they were left at the Inarus Estate when she moved.

HISTORY: Long ago a group of people moved from their overly populated lands to colonize another. Other than another orphan elf, she was the only one who wasn’t human. Their original town accepted all races, much like Elidoris. However the land couldn’t feed the many people.

On the way to colonize the group was attacked by elves.

Judith watched her next forty years of her life as the new town they made began to disdain elves more and more, and with her being the only one she was often blamed and assaulted. She began training at the age of eighty to defend herself.

When the town found out about this, they did not approve.

Using it and her history of blame Judith was given the death penalty. She was to be hanged publicly at dawn, the whole town thought she earned it.

Judith managed to break out. The first thing she did was found a land controlled by elves to be accepted for sure. She found the Inarus Estate. Wanting to continue challenging herself she became a guard, and slowly advanced in their ranks. She picked up reading as something to do privately, and learning how to being another challenge.

When Aku got married, and his wife pregnant, Judith isn’t all too sure why Lady zip chose her as her personal guard. She has devoted herself to this as her next challenge.

On a tragic rush of events zipcat was murdered. Judith takes partial blame for this and so left the Inarus Estate after giving one last report.

Now she wanders, even if she may have found a new goal, and another new life. On her way she heard of an arena, and though it wasn’t the DDL; she made a friend who lead her there. As a source of income she became a barmaid, but until she saves up enough for her own place she will be staying with her friend.

Though she did not ask for it, Brykk is currently training her. With this and the DDL, Judith believes she has found what she was looking for.

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