Crom Brodin

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Crom Brodin

Postby James » July 30th, 2007, 7:02 am


Player Name: James

Common Name: Crom Brodin

Full Title and Rank: Mercenary

Race: Draconian (Male)

Magical Alignment: Air; Nature

Military Division/Rank: n/a

Character Overview: Seemingly barbaric but at the same time refined and purposeful, Crom is a strange being of ambiguous alignment. He is 218 years old.

Physiology: Crom is a tall, muscular and heavyset being, even for a draconian. From head to toe Crom is 6' 8", which is a fairly average height for a draconian, but weighing in at 385 pounds this overgrown lizard can pack one hell of a wallop. For reference, Crom's length from head to the tip of his tail is 9' 6", and his wings, while folded, reach from a few inches above his head to the middle of his back. Unfolded they are more centralized and at full length reach a little more than a foot longer than both of his arms extended. His scales are all a dull color of grey and cover his entire body, except for the strong underbelly plating in his front. Crom's tail is somewhat long and can be a bit of a hassle sometimes for maneuvering in tight quarters, especially in crowds. The reason for this is the poison laced upon his spikes; it is both highly potent and dangerous.

History: Many years ago Crom was born into a tribal family of war. Bred to fight and bred to kill for his grey scaled bretherin, Crom battled for his family's tribe, the largest of his nation's, in the ongoing battle for the Draconian's sacred land. However barbaric they may be, the tribes all recognized the mortality of the situation and though all were unwilling to relinquish any land for the sake of peace, they settled to an agreement of an ongoing battle where once a week a battle to the death was waged between two neighboring tribes in bouts for land. This death match for land tradition continued for many years, and at the age of 38 Crom was inducted as a member of his tribe's dueling force.

A week after his induction Crom had his first fight. Well trained in the use of the great axe, Crom fought his first opponent, a long-standing duelist from the rival nation of the green draconians. Everyone knew in their hearts that Crom stood not a chance with such a slow weapon as the other was an extremely speedy killer. On top of that, he couldn't use the spikes on his tail effectively since they wouldn't pierce his opponent's scales without much difficulty. This green draconian was wiping out the grey tribe's fighters.

A single, quick cleave at the beginning of the battle caught the quick draconian completely off guard. Having lost his entire upper body, the warrior, unable to fight any longer, slumped to the ground in a bloody mess. Having witnessed the victory those present at the battle were taken completely by surprise, astounded that a weapon of such size could be wielded with such speed.

Such battles continued and Crom fought hard for his life as his style of fighting was slowly being outmatched. Many of the other tribes attempted to copy his technique, and all failed utterly, but instead discovered that they could increase their own defense by training their fighters in unarmed combat. Crom, of course, did not fight every week as that would have been especially stupid of the grey tribe to put their new pinch fighter in harm's way every week. After many years had passed of constant fighting a misunderstanding led to the reinstitution of full out warfare and within weeks only a small throng of each tribe remained. The grey tribe was decimated and with Crom the only warrior left after the massacre to defend their lives, went into hiding.

Years passed as the others recognized the grey tribe's desire to live secluded on their small piece of land. Many times they almost starved to death; some actually had. It took little motivation for Crom to leave the sacred land and when the rest of the few people from his tribe he cared for died, the grey scaled draconian fled the sacred lands at the age of 143 to never see them again.

More time passed by quickly and during this Crom often found himself a mercenary. He killed many people ruthlessly, and defended many (against his conscience) whom he found dishonorable. In one instance a man who had hired Crom offended him enough to drive Crom to kill. At times he found himself temporary homes as a guard for various private parties. Considering his strength, skill and size, Crom found it easy to find jobs.

After some time Crom had found it prudent to relinquish his behemoth axe. Though he could wield it with tremendous precision, it was far too large to accompany his already towering mass in many places and he sold it in favor of using his claws and tail spikes.

Now in Titan, Crom attempts yet again to find solace in his chosen career as a tank for hire.

Mannerisms: Crom tends to care less about who he kills in his line of duty. Crom is rather ruthless, but is by no means bloodthirsty and tries to find reason in why he does what he does. If anyone were to think that Crom is nothing else but a warrior for hire, however, they are sadly mistaken; once paid he does not retract from a job unless he has either failed or succeeded, and does not take bribes to purposefully fail.

Properties of Choice: Gigantic Axe. Though many would think the weapon to be unwieldable, Crom loves using it because of the shock factor employed by his refined speed. However, Crom no longers uses this weapon anymore due to the hassles it presented.

Claws, Teeth and Tail. Crom employs full use of his natural weapons in his line of work and is an expert in defending himself from attack. He knows no martial arts but rather relies upon the unpredicatible aspect of beastial attack.

Poison. Crom's tail is laced with a deadly poison that paralyzes the target from the point of infection. Though it does not immediately kill, the poison will stop a person's respiratory and circulatory systems from working after some time. For the poison to work one of the spikes on Crom's tail needs to cut deeper than 3/4 of an inch or else it will just bleed out. For the average human, it takes about 45 minutes for the poison to kill after extending itself to the heart & lungs. The poison is not passed through blood but is rather a toxin that is passed from cell to cell.

Immunity: Poisons. Crom is immune to most poisons because of his own poison production.

Resistance: Elements. Any type of elemental damage is reduced to Crom as his scales are thick and are not easily affected.

The exception to this rule is ice. Extremely cold temperatures can make his scales somewhat brittle and easier to pierce.

Flight. Crom is capable of flying using his wings.

For those of you who might have seen this character before, I decided to do a complete overhaul. Nyah.
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Postby James » August 2nd, 2007, 2:07 am

I'm not much of a drawer, but I think I did a good enough job on Crom here.

T'is certainly better than my last incarnation over at Elidoris.

Whee! If anyone has anything they think I ought to look at and I agree with them, I might revisit the drawing and fix it up a little :B
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