Georg Nihler

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Georg Nihler

Postby James » July 26th, 2007, 4:26 am

Player Name: James

Common Name: Georg Nihler

Full Title and Rank: Teenager; Wanderer; Thief

Race: Human (Male)

Magical Alignment: Air

Military Division/Rank: N/A

Character Overview:

Georg is a relatively self-serving kid who is prone to chaotic actions. Of course, with this brings a lot of trouble but he finds that he can get away with a lot due to his innocent presence. Thanks to a life-turning event, Georg escaped his abusive parents and lives of his own accord in childish bliss.

Ability: Lycanthropy. Georg is a werebat and could very easily be confused with a vampire. The werebat strain of lycanthropy is normally a very controlled infestation through simple power of will. Of course, with lycanthropy comes the infusion of animal with human characteristics. Georg has reduced vision, but can obviously see much better than a bat. With this loss of vision comes a dramatic increase in hearing as well as an incredible tolerance for loud noises and vocal sonar. Georg can emit very high frequency screeches that allow him to see impeccibly clear images while his eyes are open or to use like a sonar while his eyes are closed. As a human Georg also has much sharper teeth than normal, especially his canines. Though he hasn't mastered his form very well, the use of his infection is simplified and he is therefore capable of transforming himself between the bat and human at will.

Bat Form: Georg loses his vision completely in bat form but his impeccible hearing is increased threefold. His size is reduced but his mass is condensed into pure muscle and he is therefore capable of very nasty bites should he choose to sink his teeth into someone. As a bat his sense of smell is more refined and can differentiate between more than he could as a human.

Summary: Bad vision, excellent hearing with immunity to sound damage, sonar, sharp teeth, transformation at will from human to bat and vice versa. With bat: improved smell.

Physiology: Georg's most prominent feature is his somewhat pointy nose that almost gives him a look of arrogance. This look quickly offset by his deep set brown eyes and sharp, angular eyebrows just above it. His ears tend to stick out more and are very curved. He has a short, slender neck and a somewhat frail-looking body. He is roughly 4' 7" in height and has average length arms but his legs make up for almost half of his height. Were he to stand at attention like a soldier, his body would much resemble a plank of wood standing verticaly. Georg has a somewhat large scar from the bat bite that gave him lycanthropy.

As a bat, Georg looks very much like a vampire bat with pointed ears and a short snout on his face. About his "shoulders" is a large tuft of fur the same color of his dark burgundy hair and his entire body is a slightly lighter shade of brown. His wings extend to about half the size of his human height. He is what many would consider a spectacularly large bat, though he's several inches longer in his body length than most- this actually makes a huge difference as bats aren't larger than a foot to begin with.

History: Growing up to his age Georg lived in a rich family that until his parents' generation sought the destruction of the government around it to raise up a more controlled one. Georg's grandparents were the last of the family to attempt insitutional revolution, and they failed quite utterly. Suffice to say, this failure gave them reason enough to be terrible parents to his father. His mother grew up as a servant to the family, exposed yet resistant to their governmental atrocities with Georg's father. The two fell in "love," and coupled a son.

A few years passed without much incident and Georg was born to Isabella and Reginold Nihler. After this brief relief from politics, Georg's grandparents again attempted to seize control of the city's government and this time was prepared to strike back with full force. A month into their return of nihilism was answered by a raid upon the house, which left Georg without grandparents and a mother. Reginold, convinced that his son was the reason for this, began treating him harshly, but did take care of him for he knew that he was but a child. Georg began to develop very attuned political and motivational senses as well as a "sixth sense" for knowing the difference between was was right and wrong- for those seeking to consort with him.

Georg grew with a life of great expectations and began attending a private school when he was twelve. Every now and then Reginold would be determined to beat the boy after Georg's return and the boy would outwit him again and again, each time waiting until Reginold was no longer intent on beating him. One day, Reginold did not give up and finally found one of the boy's hiding places and beat him thoroughly. The boy, somewhat scarred from the affair, was taken by his father up into the high reaches of the family estate into the attic. The only feasible exit was locked behind him and Georg, battered and bruised, found himself staring outside through an open hole at the wall of the house determined that he would end his miserable life. He knew he was being childish, but indulged himself as he crept closer and closer to the opening. With a sudden realization Georg found himself looking inches to his left at a very large bat and screamed, flailing his arms at the thing. Distraught, confused and angered, the bat screeched loudly and attacked Georg, sinking its teeth into his left shoulder. The transformative effects of the infection began almost immediately after the bat left and Georg lay next to the open window in the wall, staring out at the meaningless Nihler estate and the city beyond that. He felt his body shift and move as he bled, his face feeling slightly tighter. Georg knew he was changing, and unconditionally accepted the transformation as he passed into unconsciousness.

Hours later during the night Georg found himself sprawled upon the attic floor still. His eyes opened blind and Georg, startled and disgruntled, screeched. The high frequency noise bounced off of everywhere and the boy found himself seeing in a way he had never done before. 360 degrees of vision greeted him and he rose upon his clawed feet and wings to balance himself. He could be free of these upper class confines, of his abusive father, of his life of expectations he hated so much. With the sweetest breath of air he had tasted Georg fell from riches and heights unthinkable into poverty and a life of boundless opportunity. Georg turned thirteen within a week and celebrated on his own, happy and jubilant and free.

Mannerisms: Georg is an easily agitated person who shies away from confrontation. He is not afraid to stand up for himself but if he knows he could be beaten down or killed easily then he will fold over like a paper and pursue the course of action that would most prevent him from getting hurt. He is self serving and enjoys pure freedom. Georg has discovered that with this transformation, insects are a very tasty treat. Though he is self serving, Georg is fairly light hearted and gentle with others, aware of his past and how he should not inflict that level of abuse his father gave him. If he consorts with others, it is because he enjoys being in their company or knows they have something good to offer him.

Properties of Choice: Thievery, stealth, flight, freedom.
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