Samantha's Character Sheet (Picaboo)

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Samantha's Character Sheet (Picaboo)

Postby zipcat » July 25th, 2007, 10:31 pm

Player Name: zip

Common Name:

Samantha (Picaboo)

Full Title and Rank:

Samantha Roars


Human (Ghost)

Magical Alignment:


Military Division/Rank:

Member of Clan Titan

Character Overview:

Though her family named her Samantha, she has named herself Picaboo because she thinks it is a cuter name that fits her better. Picaboo is a young girl, around age eight. Although she is a ghost, she can will herself to be seen or heard. She is friendly, but could be considered immature as well. She enjoys playing a little girl but she can get very serious when she needs to be. Often she likes to play pranks on people who upset her.


These abilities were learned almost by accident as she moved around and experienced her new life.

Shiver – If Picaboo was to walk threw someone there is a chance she can tickle their soul, sending a shiver threw them.

Visible – Picaboo can be seen, the more concentration she uses the more solid she appears. If she gets upset or stressed she will fade.

Speak – Though she can always talk, she can will people not attuned to her kind unable to hear her. If she gets upset stressed they may hear wordless sounds, or even more clearly. Whenever Picaboo wants people to hear her however she can make her voice as audible and loud as she wants.

Fly/Float – As a ghost she does not have to let gravity affect her, or other physical laws. This is also why she can move very quickly.

Walls – Picaboo can move through any solid.


She has a childish smile, one that had won her many friends while she was alive. One of her favorite things to do was smile at people in that way that would remind people she was just a kid. Her skin is very white, making her dark hair and eyes bolder. She even knows how to make her black hair bounce.


Picaboo was playing a joke on her parents. She had “gone missing” and was out playing in the woods. People were already panicking. Whenever she played this game before she always ended it before her parents told other people. It was so much fun to get everyone worried rather than just mom and dad.

As she explored deeper in the forest she heard something behind her. All she could make out were the eyes and teeth of the monster in the dark. She wished she wouldn’t have stayed out so late, and she ran. Luckily it was dark, and she found a bush to hide in quietly. It the monsters would just leave she would be able to go back. This game wasn’t fun anymore.

The two monsters were starting to give up. Picaboo held her breath. Then there was a bright light. She couldn’t see. The monsters had her.

She died as she was still blinded.

It was dark, finally. There was a bright light ahead of her, in the tunnel of darkness. She knew it was the same light that had killed her. She ran from it.

Soon the world faded back into the one she was used to.

What was left of her; some pieces of clothes and blood on the ground had the shadows of town’s folk around it. Her parents sobbed. It was funny that they thought she was dead. So funny, that even some of the towns folk heard her muffled giggles. They ran off, and Picaboo learned soon learned that she really was dead.

She was a ghost, and being one was fun. There were so many new games to play.

Learning how to play all of them became her main goal.

Having fun she returned to the best place to play games; her town’s tavern. After a while though there were stories of the tavern being haunted, and Picaboo was running out of people who were fun to play with. Now looking for more people to scare or prank, Picaboo travels around taverns to find people to play with.


One of Picaboo’s favorite things to do now that she is dead is scare people. She gets as many giggles out of it as she did when her parents worried over her when she hides, or “goes missing.”

No matter how much she enjoys messing with people she can be nice too, and usually she tries to do it so no-one else gets hurt. Sometimes she misses talking to people, or being yelled at, but these short depressions pass.

Not long dead, Picaboo can be very child-like. She likes to get her way and cause trouble, or will play a cute doll at times. Though she wasn’t spoiled, she can get snobby. Emotions aren’t hard to get out of her and she’s still having fun poking the world.

Her favorite thing is caterpillars because she thinks they are cute and turn beautiful with time. Just like her.

Picaboo is afraid of bright lights. This phobia was caused by how she died, something even she won’t admit was scary.

Properties of Choice:

Some things still special to her is her teddy bear; still not found in the forest. She has been visiting it throughout the years to make sure her bear was safe and have someone to talk to.

If she is ‘playing’ with someone she will use the few abilities she has figured out, such as appearing and popping out. If someone upsets her it isn’t unlikely for her to give them many chills until her temper tantrum passes.
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Postby Agustus » July 26th, 2007, 3:15 am

thats interesting
ive never seen anyone try to Rp a Ghost before.... so its kinda a new concept i think....
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Postby zipcat » July 26th, 2007, 4:19 am

Thanks :D

I have a lot of ideas.
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