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A. Common Name

DiRamon, The Black Death

B. Full Title and Rank

The Assamite, Angel of Cain

C. Race

Vampire, Assamite

D. Magical Affinity


E. Military Division/Rank

Little is known for now. He is a skilled Assassin of the Assamite clan, a Rafiq.

F. Character Overview

DiRamon is an Assamite vampire, an assassin who has had alot of success in what he does. He has over four-hundred years of experience in this profession. When he makes a hit or kills, he drinks the blood of his victim- when he drinks he gains power. Assamites specialize in drinking the blood of other vampires. Also when he accepts a contract, it is almost always made in payments of blood. He has taken the blood of quite a few powerful vampires and mortals alike.

He is an Undead Vampire of the Assamite Clan, a skilled and specialized assassin and warrior. He came from the East to the lands of DC some time ago, though those who have found anything about his life before that are either dead or at least not talking. He has, however, upon entering into the lands of Dragon Court.

G. Ability

-Diablerie takes place when a vampire drinks not only all the blood of another vampire but also her/his soul, generally in order to increase his/her own powers. The Temere curse seems not to affect all the Assamites equally and DiRamon is one of the few exceptions. Be it through his strong will, lust of blood, or perhaps conditioning and tolerance he is able to directly drink the blood of other vampires.
- 2 inch knife-like retractable claws on each hand, unnatural sharp and strong.
- Innate heightened vampiric abilities- Speed, Strength, Agility, as well as near animalistic senses; ex. The ability to smell emotions and hormones, night vision, and keen hearing.
- The Addiction: The vampire is addicted to diablerie and has a desire to drink the blood of other vampires.
- The Delusions of Grandeur- Through multiple attempts and successes of diablerie, the vampire has acquired a derangement that he is superior to all others and he alone was placed in existence for some great purpose.
- The Eerie Feeling: Any Kindred who will come in contact with the Diabolist will be able, perhaps, to feel some kind of eerie feeling around the Diabolist, again a flaw that has developed in the vampires blood through Diablerie.
- Blood Magics: (wish I had time to make a complete list but I will not use anything not posted here. Note on blood magics, all are adapted from what is used as disciplines in V:TM, this being free form rp, DiRamon will many times simply use these magics or abilities similar- I put them here to backup the actions he performs.)
o Potence: Ups his strength for a short time.
Relentless Pursuit- Make extraordinary leaps through the air
The Gentle Rebuke- Telekinetically knock someone away without harming them.
Lend the Supernatural Vigor- Grant your incredible strength to another
o Celerity: Ups his speed for a short time.
Zephyr: Move so fast that the vampire seems to defy gravity.
o Quietus:
Silence of Death-By spending blood, the vampire may create a zone of a twenty-foot radius around him, within which no sounds will be heard, and no one will hear anything. He will only hear sounds made outside the zone.
Weakness- By bringing blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may reduce his victim's strength. Depending on the degree of effectiveness the Victim stays in this condition for a few minutes to one day
Diseased- By bringing blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may cause a common disease to fall upon the victim.
Blood Agony- By coating a bladed weapon of adequate size with his blood, the vampire may use the weapon to inflict more damage.
Body Wrack- The virulence of the character's blood is now sufficient to cause debilitating pain to anyone who takes some of the blood into his system. The character can actually bring some of her own blood onto the surface of her palm. If this blood is touched to another's skin, it is absorbed through the skin and enters their body. The character could also add some of her blood to food or a beverage which, if consumed, will affect the consumer with the Body Wrack. The blood will lose it's potency quickly, so it must be consumed within a few minutes of application to have any effect.
Scorpion's Touch- Allows the Vampire to transform his body fluids into a weakening poison which then can be transferred to a victim.
Fountain of Blood- The character can manipulate the flow of his blood in certain ways. Using Fountain of Blood, the character can vomit forth a stream of blood from his mouth, in order to cover a target. While not having any other intrinsic potential, apart from the gross-out factor, the Fountain of Blood can be used in conjunction with other Quietus powers.
Taste of Death- The vampire may spit an acid form of blood, at a range of up to ten feet causing chemical burn to flesh and if not removed quickly will eat away at even armor and weapons.
Blood Empathy- The vampire may leave his current emotions in the blood of a vessel, and these emotions emerge in any vampire who drinks from them.
Blood Sweat- By concentrating on a victim, the vampire may cause his victim to lose blood through its sweat glands, at the rate that the victim would normally sweat.
Thin Blood- By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a target with it, the vampire may make a vampire's blood incapable of healing wounds for a day/night.
Dagon's Call- Allows the Vampire to turn a victims blood against him/her. The blood literally destroys the victim from the inside out by flooding the lungs and bursting blood vessels.
Cleanse of Influence-By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a target with it, the vampire may cancel an effect of a non-blood related discipline.
Blood of the Cobra- The vampire may, at a distance, use Quietus powers that would normally require touching a victim and spending blood, by spitting blood at his victim. The vampire may spit blood at a range of up to ten feet.
Foul Blood- The vampire may alter a vessel, causing all other vampires (except himself) who drink from said vessel damage for every pint imbibed.
Leech- By the vampire may drink blood by skin contact, which leaves no marks.
Blood Clot- By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may clot his victim's blood.This blood is rendered useless, and the victim must be cut open or otherwise medically treated to remove it. In mortals, stroke ensues if more than one clot is made.
Baal's Caress- An expansion on Scorpion's Touch, it allows the Vampire to transform him/her blood into a poison that destroys living or undead flesh.
Blood Fan- Like Fountain of Blood, Blood Fan enables the character to physically project his blood over a distance. In the case of the Blood Fan, the blood sprays out from the characters skin, projecting at high velocity in a 360 degree circle around the character. Again, the power has no intrinsic effects, but can be used in tandem with other Quietus powers.
Blood Curse- By bringing a point of blood to the palm and touching a target with it, the vampire may make another vampire less able use its blood. Its blood can not be used to heal wounds, perform the Embrace, or power disciplines. The victim stays in this condition depending on the age of the casting vampire and the victim- it may become a permanent curse
Erosion- By bringing blood to the palm and touching a victim with it, the vampire may completely eliminate the strength of a target for a short period of time.

o Obfuscate:
Cloak of Shadows-The vampire may be unnoticed by most, by hiding completely motionless in a shadow, or in a place that puts an object (not necessarily an object big enough to hide behind) between himself and others who might see him.
Unseen Presence-The vampire may go unseen, and even be subconsciously avoided, by others.
Mask of the Thousand Faces-The vampire may assume another appearance. This is only in the minds of others, and often others will see different forms. This power may not usually be used for impersonation. Depending on the degree of successfulness the vampire may appear:
1 A little different. He could still be picked from a police lineup.
2 A bit more different. Descriptions vary.
3. The desired appearance is successfully broadcast.
4 Appearance, movements, and mannerisms are all radically different.
5 Even race or gender can be altered.
Vanish From the Mind's Eye-The vampire can disappear from view. If extremely successful that target forgets that the vampire was even there, if the vampire leaves promptly.
Cloak the Gathering-The vampire can hide another person or group of people.
Conceal-An inanimate object may be hidden, as per Unseen Presence, if the vampire is within thirty feet of it, and the object being hidden has emotional significance to Him.
Mind Blank-The vampire may make Himself impervious to telepathic contact.
Soul Mask-The vampire may adopt a mask that changes the color of His aura. The color of the vampire's mask is chosen when He learns this power, and may only be changed with a great deal of sacrifice. For DiRamon he has chosen a Holy Aura to fool paladins and priests.
Cache-Having successfully used a power of Obfuscate on someone or something other than Himself; the vampire may maintain it even when He or the target leaves.
Cloak-The vampire may make his aura invisible.
Old Friends-The vampire can persuade a target that He is a friend. This target will treat her as a friend, often telling him things that he otherwise wouldn't, and generally treating the vampire in a very friendly manner. This may vary in successfulness from a vague familiarity, or an imaginative series of favorite ¨past times¨.
Create Name-The vampire may create a new identity, with its own aura, personality, Nature, Demeanor, etc.
Memorie's Fading Glimpse-No one remembers the vampire. Not even if they read about him, or see him in person. If vampire meets someone who once knew him, depending on the successfulness of the spell:
1 The target remembers one minor, mundane thing about the vampire.
2 The target knows that she remembers, but doesn't know anything about the vampire.
3 The target feels a trace of recognition.
4 The target gets a feeling about the vampire.
5 The target doesn't notice a thing amiss.

o The Hunters Wind: Has to do with stealth a form of traveling through the wind(very noticeably unless in shadows- it is a dark air-like form)
o Awakening the Steel- Binds the metal to the caster- will still have effect upon already enchanted metals though with varying magnitudes (once enchanted with another price of blood, the binder can ¨call the metal¨, or affect its sharpness, weight, and sometimes the polarity
o Heart of Stone- protects his heart from piercing
o Lure of Fire- allows him to weakly control fire. Ex, if someone throws fire at him, at the cost of blood and with time enough he can ¨lure¨ the fire enough for him to move out of the way. Also if there were fire he lure it to spread, though his control in this field is relatively weak.
o Gleam of Red Eyes- The vampire may see in the dark. When he is using this power, his eyes glow red
o Vision of Death- Makes the target's greatest fear manifest within their minds. The vision is so real that the target is overwhelmed with terror and collapses and dies from the stress and shock to their system. May not be as effective against supernatural creatures.
o Interred in the Earth- Allows the Vampire to dig a resting place in the ground where in he or she can rest undisturbed for up to twenty-four hours.

oDeamon Blood:
Unholy Being- This seemed to only further damn his soul, as if it were possible he became a creature even more evil than before, inheriting the many strengths and weaknesses that accompany a truly damned and unholy soul.
Nightmares- His sleeps are often riddled with dreams more real than he'd like to admit. It is during his rest that his psionic defenses are weak and many "personal" demons choose to torment him nightly.
Demonic Strength- He gained demonic strength in addition to his already superior vampyiric strength.
Shape shifting- His philosophy is "Why transform into the form of a lesser being?", however much he may dislike the feeling or the idea, the fact remains; he can transform into the appearance of different creatures. The full effects of this power are yet to be fully tested due wholly to his lack of interest in the subject.
Hell's Fire- The deamoness, born in the fiery pits of hell itself, has an inate power and relationship with fire. DiRamon gained a full immunity to "Hell's Fire" and much higher resistances to other forms of fire, his control of the element was also strengthened, however this ability is once again new to him and being an undead vampire is still somewhat cautious to meddle with fire.
Psionic Resistance- The deamoness had psionic powers, the only thing that really carried over in the blood was a resistance to such powers.
Illusions and Dementia- It seems the demonic blood affect his mental stability, sometimes he perceives things differently than others. There has been times where his sword has become a snake, he has seen colors, and distortions in distance. The effects seem to be more prevalent as his blood level lowers.
No Rest For The Wicked- He has also gained the ability to heal quicker, much quicker than that which is normal for vampires and does not require him to sleep. The adverse effect is that often the healing is so quick it is mutated and deformed, the body eventually will correct these mutations but this does require more than one night's sleep and regular feeding patterns.

H. Physiology

DiRamon is about 6´7¨, His skin is dark and blackening with age and power. He is undead and so has an unnaturally cold body temperature. He has sharp fangs that can lengthen when ready to feed, and retractable claws ready to tear into the flesh of any of his victims. He is fit and agile, and so rarely would wear constrictive clothing or heavy armor.

I. History

DiRamon was an Assassin in life, and became an even greater Assamite in death, he was brought into the clan as a 15th generation after years of apprenticeship (the living years of DiRamon is another story for another day, he thought it was just in an assassin's guild but it was actually the Assamite training program) He rose quickly through the ranks to the attention of a few superiors, when he managed to defeat and then drink one of his trainers diablerizing himself to 13th generation. They eventually decided he would develop his talents more as member of a Web of Knives, a warrior-caste order that specializes in assassinations, and he began training for that. It was during his training that he was able to lower his generation yet again, it was around this time that there arose a concern to several of the superior officials regarding a certain threat. He was assigned to a Falaqi- a small pack of all-Assamite vampires formed for a specific purpose, he being by far the youngest member. For him it was more of a training mission, a rite of passage, the target a powerful fifth generation Malkavian and so they were assigned to kill him.

All went wrong when the Malkovain discovered the band and decided to play with them. He twisted DiRamon's mind and turned him against the others, with the Malkovian's help DiRamon drained each of the other members, effectively lowering his generation substantially to tenth generation vampire. Indeed the Malkovian had bent the mind of DiRamon against his allies, but he had failed to break DiRamons's will entirely, and when the Malkovian's guard was down, DiRamon completed the mission, diablerizing the Malkovian. This lowered his generation yet again making him a ninth generation Assamite. Scars that could not be seen topped with shame, and flaws inherited through dialberie drove him into self exile, that brought him to land of Dragon Court, and where DiRamon as we know him begins.

Upon entering the land of Dragon Court, DiRamon quickly began picking off the hot-headed and weak. This, however, began to develop a name and reputation for himself throughout all the clans. Then he began to see the true fruits of his labors, contracts began to be offered. He was asked to eliminate, and sometimes not eliminate, selected persons for a blood price. During one such contract he took the life of another vampire of renown, lowering his generation yet again to only eight from the Childer himself.

The magic which flowed deep and rich through, both his victims and contractor alike began to change him. He was a Rafiq, a member of the warrior class, and yet perhaps it was the magic in the blood or perhaps proof that all three castes are somehow interconnected by ancestry and common Blood, DiRamon began to exhibit some of the Discipline affinities of a caste besides his own, effectively giving him four Disciplines, rather than limiting him to only those of the Warrior caste.

These new powers flowing through his blood was a change unexpected for DiRamon, and he knew not how to react. The drastic changes forced him into a deep state of Torpor, a sleep that lasted several years. Though his body lay hidden and still, his mind was sorting out his new found powers, organizing them, adapting and coping with the changes.

Now he has awaken. Before, he was a deadly swordsman with little use for the blood magics, now he is so much more... and yet his new powers have not come without a price.
It seems he has begun to take on some of the weaknesses of the other castes as well, primarily affecting his powers of concealment, though his years of training slightly offset this.

It was shortly after his awakening that he encountered Agonized Erudition and a dangerous contract was made, they would live together. He would protect her and get the impassable ability to study him, and in return she would teach him how to fully use his blood magics, for he was untrained in the rituals of the Assamite sorcerers.

It was after this that DiRamon returned to the DDL to both satisfy his lust for battle and pride. It was there that he was to duel a deamoness named Dementia. The battle was heated and both showed forth excellent form, however in a twist of events in which DiRamon drank of her demonic blood, intense and violent reactions took place. The immediate results were as follows:

For but a moment DiRamon would be lost in the nirvana of imbibing. The rich life sustaining substance was sweet in his mouth, and truly intoxicating. Though the potency was more than what even DiRamon suspected, and in his belly was bitter.
Power surged through the body of DiRamon, even as the cold talons of Dementia would caress his head. The eyes of DiRamon began to roll back, and the talon would pierce his skin. A reaction was beginning to take place within the Vampire, as the demonic blood mixed with his own vampyic essence. The Assamite would suddenly burst into a fit of convulsions, as the mixed blood coursed through him. This would surely drive the claws of the demoness further into his skull. Such damage would be severe even for an undead Assamite, yet his body continued to push and thrust, twitching and convulsing as an enraged bronco.
His body would fall or perhaps better said, would be thrown to the ground in reaction to the violent bucking. During which convulsions muscle was grown, the fibers in his leg drew themselves together, bone begat bone, the unnatural growth of his healing multiplied and distorted. The bulk of his leg would increase to be larger than his other; a similar healing would take place in the puncture at the base of his skull, indeed it was as if his whole body was being renewed.
Gradually slowing, the convulsions came to a halt; black eyes replacing the red orbs of before would return to their natural placing, yet the corpse would remain still. The once natural body of the Assamite was now contorted and disfigured, mutated growths had formed upon the surface of his dark skin, ebony spikes and thorns protruded from the vampires face and hands his normally two inch claws had grown into six inch daggers, his hair seemed to have grown rampant. Rendered more like a horrendous Nosferatu, the Assamite regained consciousness.
He felt a surge of power; it was as a plane of potence that he had never before achieved. Every muscle and fiber of his whole body burned as if he had just finished a strenuous workout. It was painful and yet satisfying, his hunger abated, but his rage had grown. DiRamon lifted his body from the ground, as mentally felt out his surroundings. His senses returning, the first thing he heard was laugher. The cackle taunted and mocked him, as he looked himself over. The vain Assamite was now a dreadful monster.
It seemed he had nearly lost one battle, utterly triumphed another, and yet was still at war. ¨Thou hast ridiculed me, she-devil… And shalt pay dearly for such crimes.¨ The metamorphosis complete, the monster unleashed, in wrath of frenzy the Vampire charged the Demoness.
With the fury of a Volcano he would fall upon the she-demon, his left hand of small swords would slash at the sword of Dementia and the right would reach for her face, the strength would be astounding.

Most of the immediate mutations and the surge of power was restored to some degree of normality. Even now, however, when DiRamon gets terribly enthralled in battle, the small ebony spikes will appear, as well as the rush of power, and the accompanying illusions. Indeed there still remain some long term effects of the Deamon blood.

J. Mannerisms

He is arrogant and condescending to almost all mortals. However he is intelligent and a master of deceit he will often flatter, charm and show a respect for those he feels are powerful. With his attitude, however, he has yet to meet but a handful of beings who have gained his respect; even with other vampires he is rude, for even he considers them as prey. There is more to DiRamon than at first seen, he is constantly fighting an inward battle, though little is known of the source or cause. He finds his only solace in fighting, blood drinking, and the moon.

K. Properties of Choice

A Katana-style sword, His Assamite Dagger, and 5 throwing knives.- The only enchantments are Awakening of the Steel

L. Sociology

Friends- None are known of, though it is rumored to have had some contact with Domarr the Sorcerer though their relationship is not very clear. It is rumored he was used to train and humble a few students of the Academy for the price of rare and potent bloods the Mage could obtain.
His heart seems to be of stone and without feeling or the least bit of pity or sympathy, but there may be more to him than first noticed. It is also to be of note that he recently has entered into a binding contract with Agonized Eurdition.

M. Definitions

(I've found this a necessary addition to this bio because of the specific terminology used and uncommon ranking systems. If anything remains unclear please let me know that I may add clarifications here)

First Generation
According to the most widely accepted history of the Kindred, the race of vampires issued from the progenitor vampire, Caine. Banished into the land of Nod after killing his brother Abel, Caine was cursed by God and thereby became the first vampire. Thereafter, Caine sired three childer, while in turn sired their own children and on and on.

Little is known of a first generation of vampires as Caine isn't the first generation, he can't be one step from himself. This has led some kindred to be Skeptical of the myth of Caine and thereby believe there is a noted lapse. This question will likely go forever unresolved.

Second Generation
According to written texts, Caine sired three childer. Created to ease Caine's loneliness and sorrow, Caine's childer (some texts agree on the names Zillah, Irad and Ensoch, though the last is frequently referred to as Enki) carried out their unlives in the First City of Enoch.

Little is known of the Second generation, presumably the sired the Third Generation but nothing is known of them after their childer rose up against them in the nights of the First City. Likely, the Second Generation perished in the Great Flood or at the hands of their childer.

Third Generation
The Third Generation, vampires known as Antediluvians (for they predate the Great Flood), supposedly gave rise to what are called the clans in the modern idiom. Recently, tales of active Antediluvians have become rampant and new accounts of their movements, while dubious, arise nightly. Although the Camarilla scoffs at the notion of surviving Antediluvians, four Antediluvians have been observed with varying degress of credibility. Lucian and mekhat, obviously pseudonyms for clan founders wishing to remain anonymous, are the only widely known names of active Third Generation vampires Clan Giovanni and its founder reportedly confer regularly, while an inhuman creature some say is the founder of the Tremere has been seen recently in Mexico City. Certain Antediluvians are said to have been destroyed but none can corroborate these statements.

Fourth and Fifth Generations
These powerful vampires are known as Methuselahs. They are a milennia old, exceedingly rare and almost as powerful as the Third Generation. Few of these generations remain active participants in the Jyhad, as their potent blood is craved by Kindred younger than they. Many Methuselahs take refuge in hidden torpor, where they may avoid attempts at diablerie by lesser Kindred and control their own forces in the Jyhad. In recent years, a number of powerful Methuselahs are whispered to have risen in far corners of the Earth and the most influential members of the Camarilla's Inner Circle and the Sabbat's regent and prisci are rumored to be Methuselahs.

Sixth,Seventh and Eight Generations
Most of the powerful, visible masters of the Jyhad are members of generations six through eight. Kindred of there ages have concentrated areas of influence and wield significant quantities of power (enough to make them prime pawns in the Jyhad, though these vampires find it inconceivable that they themselves may be manipulated). Princes, powerful primogen and justicars tend to hail from these generations, though it should be noted that European holders of these titles tend to be of lower generation and greater power than their American counterparts. Members of these generations are commonly referred to as elders.

Ninth and Tenth Generations
Kindred of the ninth and tenth generations play a dangerous game. Often too old and experienced to be associated with the lesser neonates and ancillae, but too raw and weak to hold their own among the elders, the Ninth and Tenth generations find themselves left to their own devices. They do not require the governance that the wilder, younger Kindred do and so they meet the night on their own terms. Much like mortal adolescents, the Ninth and Tenth Generations are getting a taste of power and influence they may soon come to possess.

11th,12th and 13th Generations
Neonates and young ancillae, members of these generations are relatively new to the curse of vampirism. Although they are powerful creatures in and of themselves, at least compared to the mortals upon whom they prey, their newfound powers are nothing compared to Kindred hundreds of years their elders. Most Vampire players characters will be of these generations.

14th and 15th Generations
A woeful modern development, these thin-blooded Kindred have appeared in recent years. The blood of Caine is so weak in them that some are rumored to be able to bear the light of the sun and partake of mortal food. Many Kindred scholars look upon the influx of these vampires with fear, remembering passages in "The Book Of Nod" that make reference of the "Time of Thin Blood". This time is said to presage the coming of Gehenna.
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