Porcelain Phoenix

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Porcelain Phoenix

Postby Domarr The Embraced One » July 10th, 2007, 2:35 am

A.Common Name


B. Full Title and Rank

The Porcelain Phoenix

C. Race

Golem- an animated being created entirely from inanimate matter.

D. Magical Affinity


E. Military Division/Rank


F. Character Overview

Frajill is the cruel experiment of a twisted Necromancer. As far as he knows, there was not purpose in his creation other than to satisfy the sick whims of his demented master, and his existence is one of unescapable pain and depression.

G. Ability

His body is made of porcelain coated flint and steel filled with explosive powder and though animated so as to be movable, is also extremely fragile. The one power which his creator cursed him with was that of the Phoenix. Should something strike his body with enough force to crack the flint and steel interior, it would spark igniting the powder within him causing a small explosion around his immediate body thoroughly disintegrate, and then from the ashes, he would be reformed to continue with life until he breaks once more.

Not only did the Dark Mage make this golem with the power to be reanimated, but he gave him feelings, and senses.

H. Physiology

Frajill stands about 4' 7", and weighs around 50 lbs. He is build in the form of a small human, is for the most part hollow and light weight. The detail of crafting is astounding, from his painted red lips to his clogs which had the appearance of wood.

I. History

He doesn't know much about his making. All he remembers is one day, being alive as He who cursed him with life, stood over him, chanting. Frajill remembers the first moments of his existence, they were happy, and perhaps the last moments of happiness he would be able to enjoy. His creator's face shinned with the brilliance of a young boy at opening his present, unfortunately as such. The Wizard quickly became bored with his experiment and when he finally grew tired of him, he took him for a ride. High in the sky they flew upon a magical horse. For a moment Frajill thought his creator had re-kindled an interest in him, and then the pain began. With a quick push from the Necromancer, the doll-man was sent
awhirl. Frajill fell, and fell, and fell, for what seemed to him a lifetime, and then the pain. He felt knives piercing every part of his body followed by a searing fire which engulfed him, yet to his horror he did not cease his consciousness. Instead, his charred pieces began to reform, his blacked lips became rosy once more, his shattered arms re-formed and took their shape. Indeed he became whole again, yet the memory of the pain lingered on, indeed he has never forgotten, he is not able to forget, and since then he has relived the same experience numerous times.

That however was nothing to the pain he was yet to endure. He began to wander the earth, searching for something. In solitude he became depressed and lonely, but it was in the presence of people that he found his greatest pain.

In his wanders he stumbled across a little village, and in that village was a good family. The father worked hard to provide for the family, but his wages were meager. The mother tried her best to keep house and prepare a good meal at least once a day. This family had only one child, a small girl. This girl did not have many toys, or friends for that matter, she was poor and very much alone.

It was love at first sight when the girl cast her eyes upon the small golem, who was about as tall as she was. The family took the Frajill in he loved them very much and they him, and he soon became as a member of the family, but that would all change.

One day while playing in a field with the young girl, the two began to run. The faster they ran, the more fun they had, and the more fun they had the faster they ran, till Frajill tripped upon a stone in the field, and the young girl fell upon him, crushing him... the steel casting sparks off the flint, the sparks igniting the powder within. The physical pain paled in comparison with what Frajill knew was the inevitable, as the power ignited the girl was consumed...

Thus the life of Frajill is one endless cycle of pain and suffering, and so he wanders, never too far yet never so close. Fear haunts him, guilt plagues him, and the screams never cease in his dreams...

J. Mannerisms

He is polite, however a dim aura seems to encompass his cheerfully painted visage. The depression shines through like a black sunrise, he is always distant almost disconnected.

There are moments, brief moments, seeing children play or participating some friendly conversation, that he forgets his past, but these are scarce and always fleeting, as if his happiness is a quail being chased by fierce dogs of depression, guilt, and anger. There are brief moments when the quail will cross into the open only to flee into the shadows once more.

K. Properties of Choice

He has no pockets, and carries nothing with him. He do sent need to eat or drink, and so carries no coins.

L. Sociology

In the History it was explained that he has had painful experiences with allowing himself to get close to people. He has been rejected, or has emotionally exiled himself from all those who he thought to have ever cared for him. His own creator dumped him, the girls family tried to destroy him calling him a cursed toy of Hell, and he's come to believe it all true...
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