Distamia The Incarnation of the Island of Ancients

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Distamia The Incarnation of the Island of Ancients

Postby Domarr The Embraced One » July 10th, 2007, 1:08 am

A.Common Name


B. Full Title and Rank

Incarnation of the Island of Ancients, Emissary of the Island, Elemental Priestess

C. Race

Island Incarnate: Perhaps closest compared thusly: The Hamadryad is to her tree, as Distamia is to her Island. Referring to the link between the Dryad and her tree. The tree is somewhat inanimate, however the Dryad knows what the tree thinks and feels, they are so linked, should the tree die, soon the Dryad would as well.

D. Magical Affinity


E. Military Division/Rank

Civilian (Ambassador of the Island of Ancients)

F. Character Overview

Distamia is the incarnation of the Island of Ancients. Upon the island her elemental powers over nature are practically unmatched. Off the Island she is weakened substantially, being nothing more than a Priestess of Nature, an emissary of the Island more than anything else.
AGE: Physical form: Less than a year. Mental Awareness: Since Domarr formed the Island over five years ago.

G. Ability

Upon the Island her powers are nearly unmatched, for she is in the Island and the Island in her. She has complete control over the Elements, wildlife, and even some aspects of time (not time itself, but accelerating or decelerating the flow of time through those beings who have ties to the island ex.She could plant a seed and cause it to sprout, grow into a giant tree, flower, give fruit, grow old, and wither- a scene that would naturally take time hundreds of years to play, in but a matter of hours; Hence time itself was not altered, it simply flowed through the tree at an accelerated rate.)

Off the Island her powers are weakened to that of a simple Priestess of Nature, for though she knows the "language" of nature, it is not her domain, she cannot command it as she can upon the Island. Instead she must ask, and it is up to the corresponding God or Goddess and the laws they have placed upon the creations they govern. Calling a wolf to accompany her would be a simple task, commanding wind and lightning with any amount of precision would drain her substantially, more so than would a normal Priestess of Nature of "equal" power and ability.

Upon the Island she has few weaknesses, for she can feel every particle of air surrounding the Island, and can meld with the Island itself, becoming a part of the wind, water, or earth near her.

Off of the Island she has some degree of elemental and magical resistances, but for the most part is mortal. It is also somewhat more difficult and draining for her to use her powers in Nature, having to "ask" instead of "command" as she can upon the Island.

She is linked to the Island as a Dryad is to her tree. Should the Island be destroyed Distamia would soon after die. Should the body of Distamia be destroyed, however, she could easily be incarnated in a new body.

(Note: Her power and dominion even upon the Island do not even begin to compare to those of the Children of CoiaOntar should they intend to bend their will against hers.)

H. Physiology

Her chosen body and appearance is nothing more than a reflection of the Island itself, she most often chooses the form of an Elf or Nymph and standing about 5ft 9in and weighing around 138lbs.

In her hair you notice the deep blue of the gentle flowing of the tides, upon a closer look one might notice a school of fish or dolphins swimming near the surface. In her eyes you can peer into the darkest parts of the forest and even notice the leaves swaying in the wind. Her skin is a reflection of the earth of the Island, ranging from the light golden brown of the sands, to the dark even reddish clay of well worn paths. At times one may even notice tiny paw prints dancing up her arms or scurrying across her nose. Indeed she is but an emissary of the Island itself.

(Note: Her form may change according to incarnation. She cannot shapeshift, but should her current physical form be destroyed or she choose to shed it, she may re-incarnate herself in another form. This is not a quick or effortless process.)

I. History

She has been, in consciousness since the creation of the Island. She was the one who cried out in Domarr's dreams, which haunting, kept him from the Island for some time. Her body, however was born recently deep within the Island itself, in a place secret, hidden to all but a select few. Tis there that many a priceless artifact are kept...

She has complete access to the Library of Ancients, and therefore is quite knowledgeable, though perhaps a bit naive. She has recently surfaced for the first time, and anxiously awaits contact with her mentor, Domarr...

J. Mannerisms

She is calm and collective, often too slow to anger and too quick to forgive. Though her wrath is the fury of an unquenchable Volcano. She is fascinated, perhaps obsessed with Domarr, though in her own respect her power can surpass even his, she adores and respects him with a profundity that extends to the very fibers of her creation.

K. Properties of Choice

She normally is clothed in varying natural artifacts, be it shells, furs, or foliage. Her personal affects change if she is on or off the Island. Off the Island she will normally walk more protected, a knife and staff usually suffice.

L. Sociology

Istalindir The Singer of Spells and YaVanna The Giver of Fruits are the gods she holds to most dearly. Domarr is her closest and most intimate friend, however she remembers any and all who have stepped foot upon the Island.
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