Awakening (Open RP)

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Awakening (Open RP)

Postby jadewik » July 4th, 2007, 6:36 pm

The dim oil lamp light flickered in the smokey room of the favored back poker room, making shadows of smoke dance on the walls like fire. The smoke was so thick that it encumbered sight and would make the weakest eyes weep from the sting of it. Yet, this crowd was far from suckling. If the poker room weren't inatimate, its walls would have reaked with the stench of urine and fear.

At the head of the table sat the rogue. Her straight, black hair hung low, the silky tresses framing her face and hiding her dark gaze. There were dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep and a thick layer of dirt and blood that stained her fingertips. Her clothes were wrinkled, her shirt un-tucked, and her boots needed polishing. She'd obviously been here for a long time, but she looked very much at home in spite of her worn appearance.

Her competition had a haggard look as well, but he was a bit worse for the wear as he let slip the hint of an aggrieved look upon glancing down at his winnings. He was contemplating doing something rash... and on his turn, he went all in. The lady called his bet and the two stared at eachother long and hard as if to dissuade the other before revealing their respective cards.

"My, my Fineas," the lady said upon looking at his cards as they lay face up on the table. "I can't say I'm suprised any that you've folded under temptation, but I did warn you the consequences of cheating."

The man, Fineas, started to sweat as the lady revealed her cards. There were three black jacks on the table.

"Lady, please... just once... let... let me go," he stammered.

"Fineas," she crooned,"I should be much aggrieved if I were to let you go. Why, it's been such a long time since someone's dared to cross me. I can't begin to express my elation at the prospects!"

Fineas shuddered and stood from his chair. The lady stood and strode to him as he backed slowly towards the door. Amid the swirls of smoke and flickering lights she looked the female version of a nefarious denizen from hell. Like a hungry animal licking her lips before the kill, she approached.

Caught in a corner, so to speak, and in part due to his lack of lucidity, Fineas drew a dagger from a fold in his cloak and blindly lashed out at the woman. His blade swished through the air and she cackled at his ineptitude. Then, as if by luck, the blade struck true slashing through her blouse and cutting deeply into her arm.

Any measure of self control she had at that moment melted away in a fit of rage.

Fineas swung again, but his arm was held fast by mid-swing and suddenly, he was struggling against his own blade as it was pushed closer towards his own chest. In shock, he dropped the blade. The lady was quick to retrieve it, and holding the grip of the dagger she used it to reinforce her fist as she knocked him through the door.

"How does your victory taste now you baseborn swine?"

Fineas tasted the metallic sting of blood in his mouth and putting his fingers to his lips brought away the evidence that she'd damaged something more than his ego. A swift kick to the ribs caught him off guard and he began a fit of caughing that rendered him immobile. She picked him up using the dagger she plunged through his chest as a hand hold. Her slight figure an apparent disguise to the strength that she weilded as she threw him into the tavern. The table that broke his fall crumpled beneath his weight and Fineas struggled to get up. As his energy exhausted, he lay still amid the rubble. The dagger served as his grave marker as Fineas took his last breath.

Oblivious to the tavern's reaction to such a blatant display of violence, the woman dusted her bloodied hands and strode to the bar, reaching into her coin purse along the way. In anger, she slammed several marks onto the counter and ordered a drink.

"Mrs. Angelicos?" the barkeep questioned. Ebon-Ashe growled her acknowledgement. "What should I tell your husband this time?"

A soft smile beguiled her irritation at the mention of her husband. "Tell him I'm tired of behaving. Tell him... " she paused a moment and then laughingly continued. "Tell him the bitch is back!"
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Postby Curulan » July 5th, 2007, 10:42 pm

(About damn time. And honestly... Curulan would punch the barkeep in the face for abusing his title like that. :P)
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Postby Courtesan Lemac » July 6th, 2007, 1:29 am

:Lemac sat near the door to the back game rooms, keeping an eye open for her new friend. She knew what she sent him to do, and also kept in mind that he might not survive the task she set out for him. But this was all part of a bigger plan to reawaken something that was lost and needed to be tended to. If only to aid Lemac in some way she would not disclose to any one.:

:She watched the door and pressed with her mind to see from the eyes of Fineas, not a hard task for someone of his talent, or better his lack there of. She watched the hand of poker unfold. His hand not that good, it was time to take matters into her own hand. She reached into a fold of her dress and pulled a deck of cards from it, focusing her mind on a few cards. After a short glow her rose and a though, she switched the next few cards to be dealt with what he would need to complete a straight flush, giving him a jack of clubs for his high card. A simple task, not an honest task, but she had a goal in mind. When she was done with the exchange of cards, and insured that he took the right number of them she broke her link to his mind and waited. She would look back on him later.:

:Leaning back in the chair she smiled and sipped at her glass of water. It was not long until her new friend Fineas was tossed into the room. She watched he suddenly and lifelessly entered the room. A smile crossed her lips as Ebon walked to the bar and responded to the barkeepers question. 'Tell him the bitch is back.':

:Lemac thought to her self, 'Perfect'. Lemac finished her glass of water and simply watched Ebon from her chair. Fineas had served his use, and only cost Lemac a few hundred gold coin, that now rested in Ebon's coin purse. A better place for them Lemac thought.:
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Postby jadewik » July 10th, 2007, 9:04 pm

((I think I'll continue this in Serena's thread "To Settle Old Debts" ))
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