War :: Signup/OOC

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War :: Signup/OOC

Postby omin_of_deat » June 12th, 2007, 1:17 am

Mideveal times, iron, wood weapons, you can decide to have mythril or other metals, Only passive magical abilities, just to keep things under controll (unless expressley asked) passive magical abilities would be properties of equipment or of a person themselves, not an ability.

Trolls, Dark Elves, Orcs, on one side

Ents, Wood Elves, Men, on the other side.

you can have one on one battles with other creatures, squadron battles, open field battles, seige castle battles, defend castle battles, forest battles, anything you can think of, thats realistic, as in no space or 5th demention.

Sign up and give your abilities as well as race and Equipment.

Charicter Name:
Equipment: (include weapons, armor, sheilds, even supplies if important)
Mount: (Horse, Wiverven, Dragon, you can sit on it you use it, although please know something about the animals, and also dragons are not quite just beasts of burdan, so you should make a second charicter sheet for them.)

Short Bio: (give some information about your charicters background)

Dragons(or any other intelegent mounts, or mounts you want to be intelegent)

breed: optional
Bio: (what wars perhaps did the dragons fight in, what empires did they topple)

also add a city you might wish to use as attack or defense so you dont have to explain as much in the actual writing.

ill be posting my charicter in a little while

P.S. you can add objectives to the war, and things like that. and dont battle with other players unless you have their consent or if you send messages back and forth and consolidate the fight into 1 post.
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