Info on weapons, trading and other topics

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Info on weapons, trading and other topics

Postby Cheshire » June 26th, 2013, 6:20 pm

First of, all of thise is in the DC FAQ which can be found at:

Below i pharaphase some of the info found in the FAQ.



Rule number one, keep weapons oil. Moving on....

Always keep gear UTUR and oiled. UTUR means untouched, unrusted which means you did not enchant or add any scrolls. Gear that is ESd (enchanted) is worth less than gear that is UT. Why? Because collectors value it more.

Glow and flame also significatly lower the value of most items do not use these unless you have no intentions of ever trading them. Some people go as far as saying weapons with glow and/or flames is worthless. The ONLY execption to this rule is tiques, but still a tique with glow/flame is worth less than one without it.

A general rule of thumb is, when dealing with weapons of the same type (i.e. silver amini clubs) is 2x for the next step for example, two 110 sac = one 120 sac.

If you don't know the value of an item, bid or an offer, ask. Don't be afried to ask, you get expect to jump into trading knowing all the market values and not to mention, market value changes quite often.

Who sends first? Send at same time? Middle man? All depends on trust. If it is a newbie trading with a vet, then typically the newbie sends first. If both are trusted traders, then same time. If both are newbies, then use a middle man.


Antiques (or tique) is an item that was enchanted before the update when enchants effected base stats on an item and can now be or have been enchanted again making them quite powerful. These items can NOT be found in game, but only obtained from another player who has one.

Antiques are, in my opnion, the most valuable items in DC, hands down. No offense but, if you just started trading, don't expect being able to buy a tique anytime soon.

What is the best combonations of (reg) gear? This all depends on stats, but if you go by the stats that is in the coding of the game:

Head: Spiked Helm
Body: Dragon Scale Jacket
Feet: Crystal Swift Boots
Right: Silver Amini Club
Left: Crystal Gauntlet

Click here for detailed description

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