Need a bit of help setting this char sheet

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Need a bit of help setting this char sheet

Postby Agustus » October 10th, 2013, 12:55 am

What ya think? also i need weaknesses... and some odd habits.... it is a steam punk Rp so.... yea not my usual an its kinda interesting...
Character Application
*Name: Giddon Oliver Dupont (New Name)
Alias: Archer
Original Name: Lucas Noam Faust
*Age (When they steal the ship): 27

*Sex: Male

Orientation: Straight

*Appearance: Medium build, dark brown hair that is Kept short, Light brown/hazel eyes. has a short, well-kept goatee and mustache and is always immaculately groomed

- height: 5'7

- weight: 190

- eye color: Brown

- hair color: Brown

- skin color: Light Tan

- Glasses or contacts? Either Or works fine

- Outfit: Depending on what he is doing at the time. When working on a project that tends to get him covered in who knows what... he wears a Teflon coated dark blue overall which is simple to clean/hose off when the job is done. Depending on the his mood when venturing out, his usual attire consists of his tan switch blade boots, slacks, leather belt, long sleeved button shirt, possibly his satchel holding whatever supplies he may need and his favorite Derby Bowler hat.

Weapon of choice: Trained in all manner of weaponry and hand to hand tactics; that being said anything is a weapon. However he always has a blade on him such as his pressure sensitive switchblade boots, and a dagger up each of his sleeves (Hence the long sleeved shirts) He does carry a revolver at his side, though mostly for show. Small arms for fast movements... on occasion is known for using a composite bow .

*Personality: Extremely patient and calculating, very protective of those around him. His personality does seem to change depending on the people around him. He often seems either aloof or cold to anyone that would meet him for the first time. Mostly hides emotions that he carries for people so he is a pretty difficult person to read. Loves knowledge, reads often and loves to explore. Anything that would provide the chance for intellectual stimulation, the ability to learn, or even hear a new story or song, he would eagerly jump at.

Strengths: (list at least 2 or 3): Good with Machinery, Great medical knowledge,
Weaknesses: (list at least 2 or 3): Very stubborn once set on an idea. Doesn't trust anyone, though that may change with time. Dislikes having anyone to his right

*Family: His mother a House wife and prominent gardener/farmer Kamille Jozlyn Carnelian. His Father, Shain Eilis Faust, was a proud man, Formerly a high ranking official in the military until his retirement two decades before Giddon was born. One elder brother, Raymond "Rémy" Michael Faust, served in the military before him. However, do to unknown circumstances his whereabouts are unknown.

*History: Born in Pechedyne, to a well off family in the war torn country. Every male in his family has joined and served in the military since the inception of the country. He was no different, much like his older brother, he joined the military after he had finished his studies and some training, at the young age of 14, with his father, who was stricter than any teacher or drill instructor he would normally encounter. Once he had signed up for the military, he flew through his basic training. Eventually catching the eye of an official in charge of Spec. Ops. He was immediately drafted into the program. This training lasted for a good 8 years of his life. At age 21, He was officially killed off from records and given the code name Archer. His family was notified of his death and given compensation for their loss. His mission is to collect any and all valuable information and transmit it back to Pechedyne. He left the shores of his home country and entered into Echria, where he broke into the records building and added in his own personal records with modifications. Family, origin, wealth, all the information placed in these records was true yet false at the same time. Family name, Titles, properties all were true, however none of it was ever really his, until he made them his own. Once all records were changed, he set out to to explore around the country collecting scraps of information. Most recently he was investigating the "Accidental" death of a prominent nobleman who ran one of Echria's top airship yards. This involved a new prototype ship that could be worth quite a lot, if "Lost."

(Most of this information he keeps to himself this is mostly back story and to give depth to the character Xp)

*Birthplace: (Insert city name here), Pechedyne

*Current Residence: Galestrom, Echria

*Occupation: Specialist Mechanic/Technician/Engineer

*Talents/skills: Weapons Master, Mechanic, Medical knowledge, Language expert trained in 3 different languages read an write fluently, Excellent photographic memory, Thinks on his feet on most situations.

Significant other? none

Habits (smoking, drinking etc): some drinking and some smoking at least during sessions
requiring deep thought.

Hobbies: Reading and likes to tinker/ take things apart.

Favorite sayings: Where did this screw come from?

Disabilities (Robotic limbs?)

*Style (Elegant, shabby etc) Shabby when left to own devices otherwise likes to dress up when out and about.

Greatest flaw: Keeps quiet and doesn’t participate much, often causing himself to be left out of things. however, this is mostly when it comes to personal matters,

Best Quality: Intelligence, good verbal skills and is able to talk out of most situations that can be dealt with words.

*Educational Background (Mentors, tutors, academies, etc): Home schooled/ trained by his father. Highly trained military special operations training from his home country of Pechedyne.

*Character's short-term goals in life:
Gain any valuable information and Technology.

Character's long-term goals in life: Rebuild his home country and bring honor to his family. and eventually be able to go back home to his family. and be "Found"

*Fears: Failing his mission, never setting foot on his homeland again.

*Belief system (Do they have faith in anything?): Do to how difficult life was in Pechedyne he had no belief in a "Higher" power other than that of his commanding officers or the king/queen or political leader of which ever country he would be at.

*How is Character is Involved in the Story?
(Great detail is not needed. This is just an outline so I can arrange the order the characters appear in the story.)
Initially planned to covertly investigate the company by joining the work force as an engineer. He secretly wanted to swipe the plans for the prototype ship and possibly take the ship itself to his country. However, plans do tend to change...

- How did Victoria learn about you?
She didn’t I learned about her. Through my investigations I discovered her plans to steal the ship and decided to use it to my advantage.

- Where does she meet you?
- What event causes me to hire you?
*Secretly* being a spy an all I have a pretty decent silver tongue that can convince anyone to do what I want them without realizing it.
Things we have learned about you so far:
(This is the place to add things as the story progresses)
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