A Star Lit Night. A New Face.

Have a seat, have a drink, walk among friends, all of this can be done in the Golden Griffon, Titan's official tavern.

A Star Lit Night. A New Face.

Postby Faerum » August 31st, 2009, 8:52 pm

The moon is full and the stars shine and twinkle as dusk turns into night. The aroma of cook pots, beautiful women, and even imported spices and wines is passed around in the gentle night breeze. Approaching the Golden Griffon walks a stranger to these lands. A familiar stranger.

The music and revelry is carried into the night from the tavern as patrons flock to their locale of solace and respite from the drudgery of everyday life. Rumor has it that there are some interesting characters even that tend to frequent the place…but that could be only speculation after all.

"Brandy. Please."

"A wise choice, stranger." The bartender replies.

"I have a taste for the fine…"

A black cat pounces up onto the counter top and sits grooming itself between the two before sauntering off in a highly showy fashion, sashaying slowly down the bar top.

"Your cat?"

The stranger just smirks.
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Re: A Star Lit Night. A New Face.

Postby Da_PAB » September 1st, 2009, 7:06 pm

Another day, evil has been vanquish once again. A young fellow pops out from the man hole. As he was propping him self out, his hand squished something but he thought nothing of it. He deeply inhales the fresh air around him.
'aw good ole horse manure'
A little down the alley he can hear music playing, the smell of food and beer pulled him ever closer to the Griffon.
The fellow walks in looking for an empty chair, he finds one and sits down.
"hey bartender a keg please"
After slamming down a keg of beer he notices the stranger on his right, he extends his hand and says
"hullo im DaPab, Titans most elite janitor, urr make that titans only janitor, i like to exterminate evil rats in the sewers'
A thought accrued to him after they shook hands,
(fergot to wash my hands)

lol nice ta meet you faerum sorry i suck at rping so this far as i go :)
Thanks Toki for the sig thanks killa for asking toki to make the sig hahah
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Re: A Star Lit Night. A New Face.

Postby jadewik » September 1st, 2009, 8:36 pm

"Well, look at what the cat dragged in," the rogue spoke as she approached the bar. It was a cliche line, but it applied here. What had the cat drug in anyway?

Ebon-Ashe looked the newcomer up and down and immediately decided she didn't like him. He was a too smug-- claiming to have a "taste for the fine". At least he knew that this was where you came for "classic" flavour and fine wines. The more "festive" Dancing Dryad had stolen away most of the irreputable business from the Golden Griffon. So this stranger had good taste in liquor... but what else?

She quickly puzzled out her uneasiness. There was a vibe about this fellow-- like he knew something she didn't know. Ebon-Ashe didn't like that feeling. It rubbed her the wrong way.

"Let's hope the cat can drag it out again," Ebon-Ashe sneered as she spoke.

Her attention diverted momentarily to DaPab, the Janitor. People often didn't pay attention to "RatMen", as those who caught sewer rats were called. He could be a valuable addition to her network of spies... but right now the smell of raw sewage was getting to her.

"Ratman! What have I told you about stinking up this place?"
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Re: A Star Lit Night. A New Face.

Postby Faerum » September 5th, 2009, 7:56 pm

"You want the boy, but you don't want to be seen with the boy...Don't worry, I can keep a secret. "
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Re: A Star Lit Night. A New Face.

Postby Agustus » September 7th, 2009, 5:25 am

..:: After a somewhat long journey from the lands of Titan, He had gone to his suite at the top of the tavern to bathe and rest. Once he had Risen he noticed that it was more than one full day of rest but a Week::..
"BLOODY HELL! >_< i was out for a week? how did that happen? well it doesn't matter its not like i have any paperwork to deal with anymore... guess ill saunter down to the bar and order a quick drink and something to eat"
..:: Once dressed in his casual robes, though always sporting his prized Adament Mithril armor underneath, went towards the bar. A Foul odor arose in the air something was about to happen... then again it was PAB coming from the sewers. Ebon Ashe was not to far behind to yell at him for stinking up the place. A new face was sitting at the bar, an intriguing being at that. As he walks forward to introduce himself a cat as black as a moonless night skulks by..::
" Welcome to the Lands of Titan Stranger, As a welcome let me pay your tab for that drink of yours as well as another Round."
*Turns to the Barkeep*
"Keep another Drink for our friend here and a Silken for myself. Oh and a saucer of Cream for our new four legged friend Stalking about."
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Re: A Star Lit Night. A New Face.

Postby jadewik » September 16th, 2009, 8:41 pm

"This prude is no friend of mine," Ebon-Ashe gestured past Gus towards Faerum as she conveniently overlooked Faerum's comment about keeping secrets. That comment was a little too accurate for her to encourage further commentary on that topic. This, of course, infuriated her more.

As she was about to leave, disgusted, when she got an idea. A devious idea. Remembering her experience with the ever potent Verusian Ale-- how it was so strong Curulan had to carry her home after a few sips (The drink actually could make Curulan drunk, so it packed quite a punch)-- nearly made Ebon-Ashe cackle aloud with glee.

She changed tactics.

"Though, since he's new, I suppose I should be civil and buy him a drink. Barkeep," she shouted, "I'd like a bottle of Verusian Ale for our guest."

The barkeep nodded and went to get a bottle of the expensive drink.

Ebon-Ashe dumped her coin purse onto the bar and cursed the expense of the Ale under her breath. A quick count revealed that there wasn't quite enough for the ale. Ebon-Ashe growled. "This had better be worth it", she thought as she reached for one of her reserve coin purses from the folds of her shirt, between her breasts.

The contents of this purse covered the difference and then some. She took what she needed and replaced the coin purse.

The barkeep returned with the ale and two glasses. He set one glass in front of Faerum. Ebon-Ashe waved away the second glass away.Then, the barkeeper cleaned the payment off the counter.

"The finest Ale you'll ever drink," Ebon-Ashe nodded towards the unopened bottle of Verusian Ale as she addressed Faerum. "Someone with as fine a pallet as you boast would enjoy such a drink as this."

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Re: A Star Lit Night. A New Face.

Postby killadaemon666 » September 17th, 2009, 4:26 am

killa walked in to the bar the joyous caucaophony from the streets had lured him in.its funny because killa had been here before but was not logged in so his story had been erased which had infuriated him ;)!! hehehe.......

after arriving from azteca off the boat killa decided to visit the griffon which he often frequented from time to time to get his drink on. which he had started earlier drinking some wine he had found on the transport ship. the captain was not that happy that i had found his stash. killa smiled too himself remembering the look of his face as he stole the mans soul and drank his wine.

upon entering the tavern killa surveyed the room for possible adversaries only a few caught his eye there was a stranger at the bar sipping on brandy. there was a young lad who had turd on his hand and was draped in mystery. then there was a woman who was fiddleing with a small pouch she had hidden in her bosum as the woman searched for the pouch killa couldnt help but stare at her chest as she put the small pouch back too its hidden place. intrigued by the smells and the thought of bar maids killa found a chair at the bar and ordered an ale and polished it off just as quickly as it was served.

killa feeling the enebreation of the wine earlier and the ales being drunk at the griffon ponders
"who is this new fellow and what does he want"

*killa ordered a round for the bar*


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