You Might Enjoy This One

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You Might Enjoy This One

Postby jadewik » April 29th, 2008, 5:31 pm

Name: Sir Calidan
Topic: Attention!!!!!! Ancient and oldi
Date: 4/26/2008
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YES!!! That is correct! There shall be a Town Square party for all the oldies and ancients (of course we're still young arent we?). This party is tba because, well us players dont log on so regularly. This is what I need help with, and I hope some of you will please help me do this.

Anyone who wishes to attend please IM me on aim at Iampoorasahobo or email me at (I am on dial up.. and on the east coast of u.s.) and give me your dc name. Or you can post here too!

After that (or before if you like to do things out of order like me!) I would appreciate it if you could IM, email, dc mail, call, fax, or kick anyone you know of with a dc account and have them post here.

After that we can set a date. I am thinking of in 30-45 days from today, pending on how long it takes to get a respectable amount of people ready to party in ts like its 1999(quite literally I might add!)

Now this party is designed for us oldies that have seen dc since the old forums (remember bumping in this forum and the old background?) But all you youngun's are more then welcome so..

Simple post here, or Email me at, or IM me on aim at Iampoorasahobo and let me know! And ask all your friends or even former dc acquaintances too.. And If for some reason I can find L around I will invite him too!

Sir Calidan
~Cali to tha Dan~
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Name: AngelX
Topic: Looking for ideas..
Date: 4/29/2008
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So, I as some of you know, I am doing a Neverwinter Nights module based on Townsquare, Dragon Court, and Dragon Court 2. It is slow going, as I am still learning the technology, but regardless, I am rather pleased with my progress.


While populating the Tavern, I realized that I am in need of some ideas for NPCs. Of course, I added Silas, some random barmaids, and a few of my own characters (including AngelX, who looks like a badass..), but I realized that my brain is starting to cloud over as to the kind of shenanigans that used to go on in there.

So, if any of you old farts are looking for a way to kill a few moments, drop me a line and tell me some of the more famous TS bits that went on over the years.

Anything you might remember about TS would be helpful, it doesn't matter if you get the details right, I am looking for the general feeling of TS.


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